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Aportnoy, What fabric is that and how is the suit made up? Very nice by the way and not just because I think I got the same thing being made up. Rob
Thanks for that. Good thread. I would say great but I enjoy tweaking the lurking Vox. Rob
Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners. I think he deleted the entire thread; however, it can be found on web.archive. org. Rob
Just received my first pair of Vass shoes. Norweger in scotch grain. Fit well, look great. Ordered over the weekend. Package included a book on handmade shoes and button fastener thing. Great customer service, Greg. Thanks. Rob
Interested to know how many suits you have in regular rotation per season. I'm very much on the building stage on custom tailored items and I plan on getting 4 pieces a year. I wear a suit 4 days a week, odd jacket one day.Rob
The shirt you linked is typically spring/summer casual shirt. I assume the wedding will be more formal and white will be most appropriate. If you really want/need to go blue, you should pick a solid light blue shirt with a spread collar (perhaps contrasting white collar and cuffs) and consider adding double cuffs. For a tie, you should look to a more traditional wedding tie. Do a search on the site for some examples. Congratulations and best to you and your bride. Rob
Kent Wang. The collars are made like shirt collars and, as a result, fit under a jacket better than the usual polo collar. Rob
On the larger fellow, the left quarter (viewer's right) is lower than the right one. Rob
I have had 15 or so shirts made my MyTailor and still wear a number of them. M Kenny did the fitting and he made the shirt in the dimensions I requested. Price is good. I have switched to a more expensive option mainly because of the fitting process. The new shirt maker has made adjustments to my lower right shoulder, added softer unfused cuffs and collars. The cost is more than double but I'm happier with the results than MyTailor. Rob
I plan on getting my first casual suit soon. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon. Rob
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