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Yes, I open my mouth just enough to get my foot in.Rob
No. I'm not talking about the sleeve; I talking about the front left quarter which is lower than the front right quarter.
They can just cut the left side shorter without messing with the shoulder. I have a dropped right shoulder and that is what my tailor does. In any case, it is a minor nit to pick. I always like your fabric selection coordination of your outfits. Best, Rob
In all of your jackets, Steed and MBT, your left side is lower than the right.Otherwise, it looks good.Rob
I don't think I could make this decision in a vacuum. That is, it would have to be made in the context of the status of the wardrobe. If I had a full wardrobe that worked in any conceivable situation I may find myself in, then I would get whatever the fuck I wanted. If I have just a few suits etc. then I would err on what is the most versatile. So, I don't know if I could answer the op's original question without a good understanding of that. Rob
It's the opposite for me. But that could be because I've never done it alone; I've had my tailor showing me things based off my suggestions. As it happens, I usually change my mind and get something completely different that what I started out looking for. I don't have anything approaching the specific knowledge that the posters have here. I can rarely name the maker of the fabric after I've ordered it. My tailor, he remembers.Rob
Worth a try.Rob
I'll probably end up ordering it on my next ski trip. Rob
Is that the one I keep drooling over?Rob
The suit is a Despos and part of a 4 piece to boot. There is a waistcoat as well as a second pair of trousers with flat fronts.[/quote] That is what is referred to as "the full Despos." Rob
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