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Thanks for the input. Andrew, great photos of the Minnis. This helps. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion Besides the H&S Crispaire, Chan also carries the J&J Minnis fresco. I believe it starts at 8/9 oz and goes up to 14/15 oz. What are the pros and cons for H&S vs Minnis? What is the best weight for avoiding excessive wrinkling while maintaining some temp control? Rob
Axelman, That is what I've gathered from SF. I expect I will be starting a few threads to help me push the points that will help in the final product. I will wear a suit to the fitting that has a fit and style that I would like to use as a starting point. Rob
Thanks for the responses so far. Ataturk, from what I've read, I've heard many say to go heavier for better results and I plan on doing that so far. Regarding the lining, I was thinking of going for a 1/4 lining vs. full, even if that limits use to spring/summer. I currently have five 10 month suits and 1 fall/winter weight. My goal is to add 3 spring/summer weights and 3 fall/winter weights. Thanks, again.
I will be making my first forray into bespoke with WW Chan, either this fall or winter, depending on schedules. I will be paying for the additional fitting service Chan offers. I currently have what I consider to be a good base of RTW which has been revamped and replaced over the last year. I now want to focus on adding more seasonal suits and would like to order a light gray fresco for next spring/summer. I live in Milwaukee. I don't have any familiarity with...
JT82, well put.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Post a picture of something you consider an acceptable fit from Chan. I think you are being too a bit too picky for what Chan offers; budget MTM via opposite side of the Pacific. if you want bespoke, you need another tailor. Chan may be budget but it is bespoke not MTM. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 He's just showing off his bespoke suit (this is the new equivalent of working handcuffs). FTFY
ASW. Great help on gaining a perspective on building a funtional, fun wardrobe as opposed to the haphazard collection of garments path I had been on for years. Rob
www.wickedweasel.com rob
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