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ASW. Great help on gaining a perspective on building a funtional, fun wardrobe as opposed to the haphazard collection of garments path I had been on for years. Rob
www.wickedweasel.com rob
Yeah that happens.
say Brett Farve enough to keep Madden out of retirement. Rob
Count me in.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz ok. But a little less defensive as the day goes by.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Maybe you could do a better job. Methinks Mr. IB is a little insecure. Rob
After much study, the pick stitching on my suits is quite elegant. Everyone else's seems so overdone. Rob
Vox's posts. As much as we can try to belittle the man, his humor and insight remain quite impressive. That's more man-crush than we are normally allowed in Milwaukee. Rob
Other than for Hallowe'en, I don't think it works. Rob
New Posts  All Forums: