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My understanding is that the basic fee gets you measured and then a suit is mailed to you. If you pay an extra $200 or so, they will have one additional fitting and the cost basically covers the mailing expenses incurred. Will at ASW explained it on his blog. Rob
^^^^ Agreed for the most part. I beleive there are ways that fees can be managed at large firms. While its been a number of years since I've been in the loop for Canadian firms, associates there were paid almost nothing for the two year clerking period before being admitted to the bar. Law must be one of the few fields where the larger an enterprise gets, the less efficient it becomes. Rob
It seems to me that clients will pay this cost one way or another.[/quote] There are a number of assumptions about clients and what they are looking for in that statement. If the client is huge and needs a firm to be able to throw 15 to 20 lawyers at a matter in a heartbeat, then a large firm is the only practical choice. If, on the other hand, the client is a closely-held business and one or two lawyers can handle the vast majority of work, then a large law firm...
Thanks for the input. Andrew, great photos of the Minnis. This helps. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion Besides the H&S Crispaire, Chan also carries the J&J Minnis fresco. I believe it starts at 8/9 oz and goes up to 14/15 oz. What are the pros and cons for H&S vs Minnis? What is the best weight for avoiding excessive wrinkling while maintaining some temp control? Rob
Axelman, That is what I've gathered from SF. I expect I will be starting a few threads to help me push the points that will help in the final product. I will wear a suit to the fitting that has a fit and style that I would like to use as a starting point. Rob
Thanks for the responses so far. Ataturk, from what I've read, I've heard many say to go heavier for better results and I plan on doing that so far. Regarding the lining, I was thinking of going for a 1/4 lining vs. full, even if that limits use to spring/summer. I currently have five 10 month suits and 1 fall/winter weight. My goal is to add 3 spring/summer weights and 3 fall/winter weights. Thanks, again.
I will be making my first forray into bespoke with WW Chan, either this fall or winter, depending on schedules. I will be paying for the additional fitting service Chan offers. I currently have what I consider to be a good base of RTW which has been revamped and replaced over the last year. I now want to focus on adding more seasonal suits and would like to order a light gray fresco for next spring/summer. I live in Milwaukee. I don't have any familiarity with...
JT82, well put.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Post a picture of something you consider an acceptable fit from Chan. I think you are being too a bit too picky for what Chan offers; budget MTM via opposite side of the Pacific. if you want bespoke, you need another tailor. Chan may be budget but it is bespoke not MTM. Rob
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