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Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Maybe you could do a better job. Methinks Mr. IB is a little insecure. Rob
After much study, the pick stitching on my suits is quite elegant. Everyone else's seems so overdone. Rob
Vox's posts. As much as we can try to belittle the man, his humor and insight remain quite impressive. That's more man-crush than we are normally allowed in Milwaukee. Rob
Other than for Hallowe'en, I don't think it works. Rob
The re-edited version of a "Touch of Evil," which was done using Orson Wells' detailed notes and not the original studio version. It has this long, swooping single camera shot that captures and sets the entire mood of the film. Great movie with great acting from Wells and Detriech and has the added benefit of Charles Heston playing a Mexican. Rob
From a quality standpoint, the one I have is well made. I think some on the forum may not like it from a style point but on the one I have there is a lot of handwork and the fabric is high quality. Rob
To make this really interesting, you should ask how many of my underwear my wife has in rotation. And visa-versa.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz In the UK, for example Nehru jackets can be worn as a formal garment. But there's is a huge community of my countrymen there, so. I like them. Armani has them every now and then but I'm looking for a tailoring house of more quality which offers those. So there's another reason why I'm happy to be stateside. rob
Unless 2 billion of your countrymen are cheering you on, I think you should stay away from it Rob
gray seems to tempt us all; tan, whatever cloth, is the way to go. Rob
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