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This, and use a four in hand knot.
Strange, I would go witht the opposite. I would pick the first one first and then the fourth one second. I think the mother of pearl with the gold is more elegant. I wish all of the choices had a fixed back with the mother of pearl or onyx.. Rob
Just use a white linen pocket square. You are her date, not her corsage. Rob
A good thread, if in a different vane, would be "Things I learned on SF and then, after spending $$, had to unlearn." A number of items pointed out here - not all- fall into that category. Rob
I love the lapels on my vest. Rob
I think your dress truly needs to be a costume that would only been worn for the work. Think Broadway outfits. Apparently, this tax restriction was the inspiration for ABBA's over the top outfits in their heyday. Rob
I think Conne knows. Rob
I think they specialize in pink cashmere only. Rob
Yes, I open my mouth just enough to get my foot in.Rob
No. I'm not talking about the sleeve; I talking about the front left quarter which is lower than the front right quarter.
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