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I've practiced for 23 years and what can be worn has changed dramatically. Being a good SF dude, albeit an older SF dude, I started wearing suits after years of every day as casual Friday. I have received much more reaction for wearing suits than bad khakis. Now I started out in largish law, at least for Milwaukee, got wise, and now have run my own firm for the last 16 years. At my first firm, the saying was that you could always tell when a partner was on vacation...
Also, nice pic on ASW today. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer I have absolutely zero idea what you are talking about. Mafoo did nothing that you seem to be accusing him of doing. Upon rereading the posts, you're right. I overreacted. My apologies, Mafoo. Rob
Okay, but why so harsh? You seem to be a bright young, insightful fellow. I'm just taken aback by the over the top attempts at being mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I like your use of parentheses. That's charitable, isn't it? Are you laughing because you like me a lot or because you don't like me at all? If I expressed all my thoughts through Photoshop, would you respect me more or less? I would respect you more if you were less concerned about being oh so smart. Now say say something to prove your iq.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Why does everyone suddenly dislike me even more than they already did? Petty, small (no pun intended) and mean-spirited. Look back on your posts and it's hard to find anything charitable. Rob
Mr. Moofan, You are the embodiment of a pissant. A Letterman fixation only seems natural. Go ahead, snark away.
Great choices, Parker. Thanks for the effort. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Get the Minnis 9/10 or the 11 ounce Smith's Finmeresco if Chan has it. Both cloths should be quarter lined - air circulation is the raison d'etre of fresco-like weaves. I don't like the way the 8 ounce Minnis bags after a few hours of wear. The H&S is flashier and doesn't drape as well. Will, Thanks for the insight. And for your blog. After the Fresco, I think I will try some linen and I'm quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur ^^^^ Not to restate the obvious, but when it really comes down to it - if you are a Fortune 1000 firm, you hire biglaw for real business, just like you hire big4 for audit or tax, and just like you hire real investment banks for M&A, valuation, and fairness opinions, and just like you hire the real consulting companies for serious projects, although that depends on other things. End of story. . I think...
New Posts  All Forums: