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JT82, well put.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 Post a picture of something you consider an acceptable fit from Chan. I think you are being too a bit too picky for what Chan offers; budget MTM via opposite side of the Pacific. if you want bespoke, you need another tailor. Chan may be budget but it is bespoke not MTM. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 He's just showing off his bespoke suit (this is the new equivalent of working handcuffs). FTFY
ASW. Great help on gaining a perspective on building a funtional, fun wardrobe as opposed to the haphazard collection of garments path I had been on for years. Rob
www.wickedweasel.com rob
Yeah that happens.
say Brett Farve enough to keep Madden out of retirement. Rob
Count me in.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz ok. But a little less defensive as the day goes by.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz Maybe you could do a better job. Methinks Mr. IB is a little insecure. Rob
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