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Particularly after you listen to that entire concert. The audience was alternatively hostel and rocking throughout the evening's performance. The tension builds throughout the concert. Portions of the audience tried to disrupt the electric half of the concert, leading to the infamous "Judas" heckle and Dylan's "You're a liar" retort and "play it fucking loud" direction to the band. Then the band kicks into "Like a Rolling Stone." Every line Dylan sings seems to be an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I'm trying to work this one out myself too. I mean, Chan's price point obviously caters to a very different market than Savile Row bespoke does. But there are a lot of other, cheaper bespoke tailors floating around London and its environs. OK, people on SF know Chan, so there's the name recognition/trust on here in what they can do compared to a random unknown tailor in London. But is SF business going to be enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by kuwisdelu I'm not sure what one's job has to do with one's manliness or how "real" they are. This concept is entirely lost on me. Edit: Vox, Rob and Foo beat me to it and said it so much better. FTFY. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I applaud your choice of celibacy. - B It would have been more virtuous if it had involved at least a hint of foreknowledge. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I admire Canadians...it just seems that wading across the St. Lawrence is so much harder than the Rio Grande. Or did you come in spreadeagled underneath a Molson delivery truck? That's hard, too, though. - B Even more difficult than that. Marriage to an American. A Dutch calvinist at that. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria How much do we owe you for writing that sentence? That was 0.5 hour(s), right? - B Well, if no one is auditing the billing, I would have to say yes. As an immigrant, I have to say this is wonderful country. And, Canada, if you have to ask. Rob
I'm a lawyer; everything's been handed to me on a platter. It's a good feeling.
Not even close to short. I assume the rest of your wardrobe may be placed on b&s.
NYR, This topic seems to have hit a soft spot with you. But being a "man" yet alone a real one, has nothing to do with what said man does for a living, right? This isn't news to you, is it? Rob
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