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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I guess defining "intelligent" is kind of hard. Carl Sagan's definition was grounded in the ability of a civilization to send and receive radio waves. He argues, convincingly, that it is a pretty rudimentary measure of intelligence that is very easily understood. So what do you think? Somewhere in the universe, does intelligent life exist? Why is it so easy for you to ponder the existence of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs As Clint Eastwood said in this month's GQ, "I a 'show me' kind of guy." Lack of evidence is enough reason to not believe in anything else, so why not religion? We all have many beliefs that we don't have evidence for. The first example would be your belief that we have to have evidence for every belief. Where's the evidence for that. And if you cite some evidence, that would just beg the question, wouldn't...
Starvos, Go to the to of the page and click on "Shop the Finest." You should find solid blue, side vent Borrelli's in your price range. rob
The Gretzky one was very good. His press conference announcing the move almost made my wife cry and I'm pretty certain she doesn't know who Wayne is. Rob
Any chance of a Chicago stop being added to the trip? I'd gladly make the trip down from Milwaukee. Rob
Don signed a noncompete earlier this season; he can't leave SC. Of course, that's all for the best.
I start every day wondering how many idiot pills Moo has taken and each day I end up underestimating by a wide margin.
No. Wouldn't wear it. Rob
F**k the people whenever I can. It's a good job if you can get it.
I had it on 8 track tape in high school. "Music is very, very, very fine. Hot stuff."
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