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Quote: Originally Posted by kuwisdelu I'm not sure what one's job has to do with one's manliness or how "real" they are. This concept is entirely lost on me. Edit: Vox, Rob and Foo beat me to it and said it so much better. FTFY. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I applaud your choice of celibacy. - B It would have been more virtuous if it had involved at least a hint of foreknowledge. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I admire Canadians...it just seems that wading across the St. Lawrence is so much harder than the Rio Grande. Or did you come in spreadeagled underneath a Molson delivery truck? That's hard, too, though. - B Even more difficult than that. Marriage to an American. A Dutch calvinist at that. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria How much do we owe you for writing that sentence? That was 0.5 hour(s), right? - B Well, if no one is auditing the billing, I would have to say yes. As an immigrant, I have to say this is wonderful country. And, Canada, if you have to ask. Rob
I'm a lawyer; everything's been handed to me on a platter. It's a good feeling.
Not even close to short. I assume the rest of your wardrobe may be placed on b&s.
NYR, This topic seems to have hit a soft spot with you. But being a "man" yet alone a real one, has nothing to do with what said man does for a living, right? This isn't news to you, is it? Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Fair enough...I can see that. Rob, its dangerous to stereotype man. Earlier in the thread I mentioned two people I knew (a garbage man and a truck driver) whose style is exceptional...they laughed when I suggested they enter themselves. There's also a good portion of lawyers who would do the same, well, not refuse my refuse, but sabotage my case... I'm going out for dinner with a cop...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Rethinking this...just because someone is a truck driver or garbage man, doesn't mean their wardrobe and style isn't extraordinary. I mean, by Matt's own definition, isn't his wardrobe supposed to be "non-aspirational, average, and representational", something that won't really stand out, doesn't take much thought to put together, and as an argument against my point, in the long run, cost SIGNIFICANTLY less? Yet...
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