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[quote=NewYorkRanger;3167095] Quote: Originally Posted by rob How do you figure I'm not comfortable? I'm fine by the short jacket... Cool. But it seems you're trying to bridge two asthetics and the result suffers. Rob
[quote=NewYorkRanger;3166190]Bon weekend! As I'm sure you've heard before, I think the jacket is too short. I also think you are not comfortable in your clothes, in spite of the overall positive image. It doesn't make much sense to me either. Rob I obviously quoted the wrong photo for that point. Have at me.
I come to that conclusion again and again. It's cost me a lot a discount cash but that's where it ends up every time. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan If only you were that lucky. I think I've just been hit on by Foo.
Just got a linen crew neck sweater from Will's online shop. I know its anathema to SF to pay a chunk for clothing, but the sweater is wonderful. So much so I just ordered another. Will, great stuff and great compliments from my picky wife. Rob
Some great input here. Of course, like most women I know, she will go all Foo on me and just wear what she wants to anyway. But keep the comments coming. There may be force in numbers. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Motorsport226 Not necessarily a bad thing But a woman needs one hell of a figure to pull that off. -226 She can pull it off, I'm happy to report.
I wonder if he may be standing a little stiffly, particularly in the legs. I find myself doing that when I do the mirror checkout. Rob
Vox, I smile from time to time reading this site. I rarely laugh out loud like I just did reading your last posts. And for the record, I'm Canadian and Calvinist - I think that adds something to my post. Rob
Yes, she pretty much assumed a good portion of the posters here would be pigs (just like her husband!). Thanks for the input.
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