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I wonder if he may be standing a little stiffly, particularly in the legs. I find myself doing that when I do the mirror checkout. Rob
Vox, I smile from time to time reading this site. I rarely laugh out loud like I just did reading your last posts. And for the record, I'm Canadian and Calvinist - I think that adds something to my post. Rob
Yes, she pretty much assumed a good portion of the posters here would be pigs (just like her husband!). Thanks for the input.
Spoo, She'd love the Hermes and Van Cleef, no doubt. Quite frankly, I surprised she asked me to post on SF since she thinks I half crazy for reading this site so often. Rob
My wife has asked for SF opinions on what she should wear for after work fundraisers/cocktail parties. After work for her, at this point, means after working inside the home. She's 40, 5'3" and wears size 0 or 2 depending. The events usually run from 5:30 to 7:30 and may have us heading out for dinner and drinks afterwards. The events are usually downtown, although there's one coming up at a country club. I would normally just wear the business suit I went to work...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Very Moo-like. Aside from the fact that it looks good. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I wouldn't make it a habit, but I've washed wool trousers once or twice without noticable ill effect. I spilt red wine down them and the dry-cleaner said they would not be able to get it out; I washed them with some of that Vanish Oxy Action stuff and they're good as new. If you're using normal washing powder/liquid, make sure it's non-Bio. I would never even consider putting them in a dryer...
Can cotton, cotton/linen blend or linen be tailored without leaving telltale marks exposed? Do any marks lessen after laundering or dry cleaning? Anything to be done to reduce the marks? My tailor has discouraged me from doing this but I also had to fight not to leave less than a 2" break on my trousers. Any input would be appreciated. Didn't find any definitive answers upon a search or two (to hopefully avoid the standard do a search first...
[ 1. suit - 2000 attolini 2. shirt - 125 hemraji 3. pair of pants - 300 4. pair of shoes/boots -400 c&j 5. pair of socks - 30 (?) 6. coat - ? 7. tie - ? 8. square - 65 9. odd jacket - 500 0. watch - NA a. bag - 250 b. pair of cufflinks - 65 c. t-shirt - 5 ( d. belt - 60
For any anthropologists studying the site, the following is a good example of the male/pussy phenom that style forum not only seems to attract but perpetuate: Quote: Originally Posted by TwoStep I just recieved 2 Barba shirts that i ordered from shopthefinest.com On the order that i made they were size 39 / 15.5 When i tried one of them i noticed it felt a little to big around the neck. When i looked it was size 16/ 41 even though i ordered...
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