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The Alden chukka boot/shoe, whatever. There's no place in my hometown, Brew City, but a lot on the interwebs. So, where, where should I buy them? All answers read, if not appreciated. rob P.S. Said purchase will take place before 11:30 pm CST
Ed, Any 38's in the plans? Rob
Hall of Fame. Perhaps Hall of Flame in some cases, depending upon who posted. Rob
I like it just fine. rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Looking dope You just need a few more flaps on the jacket and then you look like a, well, you said it. Rob
I'm pushing 50 and have worn them on and off for 30 years. Mainly in the evenings, weekends and resorts and quite often with a beaten up madras belt. I had switched to some canvas alternates but I just blow through those way too quickly, much less than a season. Rob
Recent purchases from A Suitable Wardrobe and Four in Hand. Have also used Kent Wang in the past. Great ties and great service. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by sooner We are all wearing the tan linen suits, white shirts and pink ties, this has already been decided but thanks! Sounds like another bride-to-be has made another poor sartorial decision. Rob
[quote=NewYorkRanger;3167095] Quote: Originally Posted by rob How do you figure I'm not comfortable? I'm fine by the short jacket... Cool. But it seems you're trying to bridge two asthetics and the result suffers. Rob
[quote=NewYorkRanger;3166190]Bon weekend! As I'm sure you've heard before, I think the jacket is too short. I also think you are not comfortable in your clothes, in spite of the overall positive image. It doesn't make much sense to me either. Rob I obviously quoted the wrong photo for that point. Have at me.
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