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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No, the oranges were too bright. I found a nice rust orange at FIH, however. I will say that she brought a new Cappelli collection, nearly all silks I had not seen before, and they are spectacular. Seriously, some of the best ties I have ever seen. I picked up a rust colored Marinella from FIH recently. A nice alternative to a bright orange one I got from Will. I'm looking forward to seeing more of...
Who makes these shoes for RLPL? Thanks. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo But what, rob? It always, without fail, looks bad. I can't imagine someone spending so much time here and not learning anything. Sorry, I mean no offense; it just never, or perhaps, rarely works. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I can't see the post before yours. I did not buy these thinking they are a Lanvin look-a-like; I bought them because I liked them aesthetically and now love them for being very comfortable. A welcome respite from hard leather shoes. They do, however, share some similarities with Lanvin sneakers, some of which I find nice. You sound so sophisticated, but ...
The product would be perfect; the price perhaps not so much. But I strongly recommend the linen sweaters on ASW. I have one, want more. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by cbarr "Making clothes in America is too expensive." So I'm going to contribute to the problem, instead of helping turn it around. I don't think its his problem, if it is one, to fix. rob
Will's ties rock. I keep buying them and I keep getting compliments. I'm six in and counting. He has a great way about the site and his customer service is spot on. If he adds some sloop spectators, I'm all over those, too. A quite public thanks. Rob
I seem to be spending out of my ass lately, so retail should not be a problem. Rob
The Alden chukka boot/shoe, whatever. There's no place in my hometown, Brew City, but a lot on the interwebs. So, where, where should I buy them? All answers read, if not appreciated. rob P.S. Said purchase will take place before 11:30 pm CST
Ed, Any 38's in the plans? Rob
New Posts  All Forums: