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[quote=NewYorkRanger;3166190]Bon weekend! As I'm sure you've heard before, I think the jacket is too short. I also think you are not comfortable in your clothes, in spite of the overall positive image. It doesn't make much sense to me either. Rob I obviously quoted the wrong photo for that point. Have at me.
I come to that conclusion again and again. It's cost me a lot a discount cash but that's where it ends up every time. Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan If only you were that lucky. I think I've just been hit on by Foo.
Just got a linen crew neck sweater from Will's online shop. I know its anathema to SF to pay a chunk for clothing, but the sweater is wonderful. So much so I just ordered another. Will, great stuff and great compliments from my picky wife. Rob
Some great input here. Of course, like most women I know, she will go all Foo on me and just wear what she wants to anyway. But keep the comments coming. There may be force in numbers. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Motorsport226 Not necessarily a bad thing But a woman needs one hell of a figure to pull that off. -226 She can pull it off, I'm happy to report.
I wonder if he may be standing a little stiffly, particularly in the legs. I find myself doing that when I do the mirror checkout. Rob
Vox, I smile from time to time reading this site. I rarely laugh out loud like I just did reading your last posts. And for the record, I'm Canadian and Calvinist - I think that adds something to my post. Rob
Yes, she pretty much assumed a good portion of the posters here would be pigs (just like her husband!). Thanks for the input.
Spoo, She'd love the Hermes and Van Cleef, no doubt. Quite frankly, I surprised she asked me to post on SF since she thinks I half crazy for reading this site so often. Rob
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