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It's the opposite for me. But that could be because I've never done it alone; I've had my tailor showing me things based off my suggestions. As it happens, I usually change my mind and get something completely different that what I started out looking for. I don't have anything approaching the specific knowledge that the posters have here. I can rarely name the maker of the fabric after I've ordered it. My tailor, he remembers.Rob
Worth a try.Rob
I'll probably end up ordering it on my next ski trip. Rob
Is that the one I keep drooling over?Rob
The suit is a Despos and part of a 4 piece to boot. There is a waistcoat as well as a second pair of trousers with flat fronts.[/quote] That is what is referred to as "the full Despos." Rob
Aportnoy, What fabric is that and how is the suit made up? Very nice by the way and not just because I think I got the same thing being made up. Rob
Thanks for that. Good thread. I would say great but I enjoy tweaking the lurking Vox. Rob
Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners. I think he deleted the entire thread; however, it can be found on web.archive. org. Rob
Just received my first pair of Vass shoes. Norweger in scotch grain. Fit well, look great. Ordered over the weekend. Package included a book on handmade shoes and button fastener thing. Great customer service, Greg. Thanks. Rob
Interested to know how many suits you have in regular rotation per season. I'm very much on the building stage on custom tailored items and I plan on getting 4 pieces a year. I wear a suit 4 days a week, odd jacket one day.Rob
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