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I have a dropped right shoulder and have jackets made with a thicker pad on the right and with no padding on either shoulder. In either case, the tailor makes adjustments to the jacket to account for the dropped shoulder (i.e. the right side of the jacket is cut shorter than the left; other adjustments are made to counter the extra fold, wrinkles on the right side of the jacket). So, I think there are a number of adjustments based on the dropped shoulder that go beyond...
I've grown staid on SF as well. Rob
That's completely consistent with what I wrote. But I suppose, in fairness, the point you imply is consistent with it too. Rob
I would suggest it is more accurate to say that in every threak that Foo posts inevitably becomes about Foo.Rob
Pinot noir or a pretty big chard. I think that is going to give you good odds of hitting the sweet spot matching the flavors of the food. Rob
I live in Wisconsin and I'm Canadian. I also have an 18 oz. overcoat. While I might wish for warmer when it's 20 below, 18 oz. is much more versatile than the heavier weights. I was going to get a heavier weight but my tailor talked me out of it. I'm glad he did. The weather varies so much, I think you should get a coat that will work for most of them. Rob
I think I would be uniquely entitled to the title of "The Lurker." Rob
There some really good threads on shoe wardrobes on the site, which you should be able to find quickly. Also, Will at A Suitable Wardrobe blog, has some good information on building a shoe wardrobe as well as the rest of the wardrobe. Put This On also has lists of shoes, although its demographic skews younger. Good luck! Rob
You mean like Fred Astaire? Rob
those are forward pleats. Trousers look good to me. Cotton? Cotton- linen blend? Rob
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