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I picked up a bottle of 16 year old AH Hirsch and 23 year old Pappy's last week. I won't tell you how much I paid for fear that my wife will read this. rob
My guess is that it has to do with the stiffness of the interlining used in the waist band. This has happened to most waist bands until I had trousers made for me and the interlining for the waist band that my tailor uses is quite stiff. I assume some tailors could confirm this. Rob
Kim Philby?
I love it when Vox posts.
I credit Will more than anyone else for my interest in classic menswear. His blog entries always packed a lot of information into a small space. That's probably the definition of good writing. You could scroll through Will's entries and learn so much more, so much faster than an equal scroll through SF. He planted the thought of building a wardrobe vs. acquiring clothing. A quick example. While SF blared on and on about the horrors of black suits - in the early days...
I have a bolder, POW flannel suit in the works. I think it's a Harrison fabric. I'm having it made with flap pockets with a ticket pocket. Don't think I will wear the jacket without the trousers. It reminds me of the Apparel Arts' photos of gents at the race track. Rob
Regarding the glen check or POW, the formality depends upon the boldness of the pattern. The more discreet, the more formal. Bolder, more casual.Rob
Here is what Chris had to say.Rob
That's my understanding. If you want even shoulders, you can only build up by adding padding. The wrinkles and rolls that result from a dropped should will have to be addressed separately.Rob
I have a dropped right shoulder and have jackets made with a thicker pad on the right and with no padding on either shoulder. In either case, the tailor makes adjustments to the jacket to account for the dropped shoulder (i.e. the right side of the jacket is cut shorter than the left; other adjustments are made to counter the extra fold, wrinkles on the right side of the jacket). So, I think there are a number of adjustments based on the dropped shoulder that go beyond...
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