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Just use a white linen pocket square. You are her date, not her corsage. Rob
A good thread, if in a different vane, would be "Things I learned on SF and then, after spending $$, had to unlearn." A number of items pointed out here - not all- fall into that category. Rob
I love the lapels on my vest. Rob
I think your dress truly needs to be a costume that would only been worn for the work. Think Broadway outfits. Apparently, this tax restriction was the inspiration for ABBA's over the top outfits in their heyday. Rob
I think Conne knows. Rob
I think they specialize in pink cashmere only. Rob
Yes, I open my mouth just enough to get my foot in.Rob
No. I'm not talking about the sleeve; I talking about the front left quarter which is lower than the front right quarter.
They can just cut the left side shorter without messing with the shoulder. I have a dropped right shoulder and that is what my tailor does. In any case, it is a minor nit to pick. I always like your fabric selection coordination of your outfits. Best, Rob
In all of your jackets, Steed and MBT, your left side is lower than the right.Otherwise, it looks good.Rob
New Posts  All Forums: