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I like mine done up in Vendon. Rob
Rowan's Creek is one of my favorites. Good spice, good burn. Had one last night.
4 parts silk, 1 part rayon. That pretty much sums up PTO.
About my gut?
That hasn't been my experience both in the fitting (e.g. I'm wearing a year 1 suit today to go to a client meeting) nor for the styling. While I can understand the styling changes, I think a tailor should be able to nail fit from the first suit. The biggest challenge is my gut seems to want to keep growing.Rob
That's some serious discipline there.
This is one of my favorite threads. It has a bit of everything: good info, some Foo fights, my favorite quote about Foo that Despos added, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, since this thread has started I have gone from zero bespoke items to well past 10. My guiding principle has been how to create the best wardrobe for me. That means, how to be properly dressed for as many occasions as I normally come across and purposely staying away from the "what every well...
Lots of shirt options. Trousers would be gray to be safe.
Foil. Have opened the bottle and partaken? Rob
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