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You mean like Fred Astaire? Rob
those are forward pleats. Trousers look good to me. Cotton? Cotton- linen blend? Rob
I'm going to an event to kick off Milwaukee's Summerfest. The invite says Black and White Party Attire. Hmm. Well, my first challenge is that I don't own anything black other than shoes and a gross grain bow tie and cummerbund. Being a follower of all things CM, I have religiously purged my wardrobe of anything black. The closest I get is a midnight blue tux rig. Party attire would seem to be cocktail party to me. From photos I found from last year's event - not...
You have lower left shoulder, resulting in the lower left front bottom is lower than the right. Rob
Navy jacket/blazer, white ocbd, gray trousers and black shoes. Evening colors done in a casual manner. I wear this often when going out for the evening - dinner, drinks. You will fit in well but a with classic evening pallet. Rob
This, and use a four in hand knot.
The Alvie. Rob
Strange, I would go witht the opposite. I would pick the first one first and then the fourth one second. I think the mother of pearl with the gold is more elegant. I wish all of the choices had a fixed back with the mother of pearl or onyx.. Rob
Just use a white linen pocket square. You are her date, not her corsage. Rob
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