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Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum it reminded me of when chris beat down michaels father on the wire. was thinking the same thing. Hopefully it starts picking up some speed now.
Anyone else shocked at James Shields this year?
Modern Warfare 3 pre-order is up
Interesting piece on the script of the original Casino Royale
A star is born in Boston
Is a girl the reason the Lakers lost?
At Sotheby's Important Watches sale this weekend in Geneva, a Patek Philippe, with perpetual calendar, moon phases and Tachometer scale (ref. 2499 MVT 868757 CASE 2621545) sold for $815,637.
Looks like more than an offer for a prestige lobby for 1600 MS points.
Madden and NCAA Football Lawsuit!
At a tasting Saturday had JW Blue & Green. First time having Green and really enjoyed it.
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