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I was at my friends BMW collection yesterday, which included a completely MINT e30 M3. We took it out for a couple hours, and I have a whole new respect for it. Collection included (but not limited to) M1 1M M3 (E30, E46 Cab, E92) M5 (E39, E60) X5M 2002 Tii I'll try to grab some pics off my phone this weekend. Forgot to mention the best part... He tracks every one of them. M1 included!
Guys, Saw a Norton cruising down the street the other day. Anybody know anything about these things? Potentially one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen.
6'0. So close to perfection.
Those in the know: How is copper with regards to non-stick? Dumb question? Sure.
Once a week. Family breakfast FTW.
Had a couple "50/50's" last night. 2/3 dry vermouth, 1/3 sweet vermouth. Squeeze in a large wedge of lemon. Delicious.
Jesus Christ, don't you people have jobs?!?! Midnight and I'm out.
Words of wisdom, Hgalek. I've been to some pretty terrible house parties. Saying that, I'm currently 25, and nothing beats a good house party for me. Project X
Check out Vasque too... Have a pair going on 2 years of rigorous hikes.
4 miles. LOTS of elevation changes.
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