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Canada and GB. I always like seeing the host country doing well.
My business partner went to trade in his (financed) 135i last week, which was hit by a large piece of ice falling off a truck a couple of years back.Front bumper and fender were replaced via the dealer, using genuine BMW parts.He paid cash, in order to keep the damage off Carfax (dumb move)Long story short, he got absolutely murdered in trade-in, because apparently BMW can't certify a car they know has been in an "accident".I'm sure it won't have any impact on your lease...
Thanks!She's got some junk in the trunk, that's for sure.
Picked up a Doxa 4000t Sapphire a while back. Over-due for photos. Truly a beautiful watch!
I cheered like a school girl when Hamilton (lapped) passed Vettel. Awesome stuff. Also, glad to see Vettel was penalized for passing off track. Called that immediately.
The owner of the company I work for just sent me an email using exclusively capital letters. It felt like an ICQ conversation circa 1998. God I hate that man.
an extra inch... Maybe 2.Who couldn't use an extra inch?
Friends, I'd love someone to PM me with regards to a Gallo Pinto recipe. I've tried, and tried, but can't make anything that tastes as good as CR/Panamanian Gallo Pinto!
Also - Watched Heist last week. Terrible
Watched "Machine Gun Preacher" last evening... Average movie, but amazing story. Watched "The Losers" a few nights back... Terrible.
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