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Driver for sure. Parking wars.
Any of you guys have experience with the new breeds of "tactical" .22's? They're basically big gun reps, without the big gun costs. Looking at something fun to shoot in Canada (range-only), non-restricted, and fun. The Mossberg 715t has been pushed on me, but I'm reading mixed reviews... Needs: Tactical style (thanks, COD) Attachment friendly Relatively inexpensive (sub $600)
I've been using the Tumi Vapor Extended. I'm sure it's not up the the old "Made in the USA" stuff, but I absolutely love it.
Spent some time gawking at this Dali over the weekend... Very impressive
My first question: Maruman Prestigio Gold Irons. I just bought my R11's, and I like them, but I've come upon an AMAZING deal (75% off) a set of these Maruman clubs. After some googling, it seems like these are top notch clubs, but I'm having difficulty finding anything on them. You guys have any insight?
Friends, First time out with the new clubs (R11s driver, R11 irons, Scotty California putter) Haven't golfed in 6 years, and hit a 95 on 18. Very, very pleased! Feels good to be back.
1 series hatch?
[[SPOILER]] Having driven both the M5 and M3 (E92/E46 and E60) extensively on the track, you will NOT be underwhelmed with the M3.If anything, the M5 feels lazier... Until you glance at the speedo.Very deceptive power from the V10.Having owned a V8 E60, I can say (although we're in the minority) I loved the way it looked.
The long wait for SPA. My absolute favorite track. I thought I remembered something fishy with the DRS last year, and sure enough: "The FIA banned the use of DRS through the Eau Rouge corner, since drivers had raised safety concerns similar to those held at Monaco. The overtaking aid was not permitted between the entrance to the La Source hairpin and the top of the hill after Eau Rouge. The DRS zone for the race was from Raidillon, along the Kemmel Straight until Les...
HRT knows the only way they'll get a championship point is if the field retires.Tough way to wake up in the morning.Saying that, you guys remember when Senna was racing for Toleman? Horrible team, but he made the difference.I always wonder how Hamilton/Vettel/Alonso etc. would do racing for a team like HRT.
New Posts  All Forums: