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Looks like a fantastic time! Excuse my ignorance, but what's a Rainmate?
Looking forward to the photos.
I had the new 328i Sport out for a day (friend works at the dealership) and I left feeling underwhelmed. The engine is great, but it sounds terrible. The interior ergonomics are great, but the materials felt cheap. The ride was comfortable, but the road noise was intrusive. I'm really looking forward to trying out the 335 (4 series?) coupe when it arrives... I'm sure it will be much better.
Driver for sure. Parking wars.
Any of you guys have experience with the new breeds of "tactical" .22's? They're basically big gun reps, without the big gun costs. Looking at something fun to shoot in Canada (range-only), non-restricted, and fun. The Mossberg 715t has been pushed on me, but I'm reading mixed reviews... Needs: Tactical style (thanks, COD) Attachment friendly Relatively inexpensive (sub $600)
I've been using the Tumi Vapor Extended. I'm sure it's not up the the old "Made in the USA" stuff, but I absolutely love it.
Spent some time gawking at this Dali over the weekend... Very impressive
My first question: Maruman Prestigio Gold Irons. I just bought my R11's, and I like them, but I've come upon an AMAZING deal (75% off) a set of these Maruman clubs. After some googling, it seems like these are top notch clubs, but I'm having difficulty finding anything on them. You guys have any insight?
Friends, First time out with the new clubs (R11s driver, R11 irons, Scotty California putter) Haven't golfed in 6 years, and hit a 95 on 18. Very, very pleased! Feels good to be back.
1 series hatch?
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