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I would have taken up aviation. As a matter of fact, I still might. Speaking with numerous pilots, the large carriers are all looking for 2 things: Flight hours and a bachelors degree. Most students coming through flight school (We have the largest in the country in my city) either have a 2 year college course, or no post-secondary (aside from pilots training).
I'm working with my daily Mont Blanc Starwalker rubber and platinum (ball). Need to press through pages, so the roller was beneficial. Absolutely love the rubber grip, but the platinum gets dirty pretty easily.
Just sold a huge company on our products. Very, very lucrative, and I am currently the shining star of our company. ... And 2-3 games of golf this weekend. SWEET!
I'll make some bets on the golf course.WinWin.
Told a co-worker at my part-time job I'd work this coming Saturday for him. They just phoned, and let me know someone else wants the shift. Thank God!
I couldn't ever imagine leaving my current city (East coast of Canada) But if I had to, it would be Zermatt
I see a pre-nup/co-hab as insurance on the relationship. Not only for the assets going in to a marriage, but to save on court fees if the worst did happen.
Watched the Hunger Games last night. Went in with zero expectations, and actually enjoyed it.
I've been following this since the CX-16 prototype. Honestly, I was looking to have my name on the first batch in Canada, until they announced the coupe would be following the cab. Shame. At least it sounds awesome.
Anybody watch the River Monsters special last night? Those Rays and Bull sharks hundreds of miles up river? God Damn!
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