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The new iPhone looks fantastic. As far as 2 vs 4 cores, in the majority of speed tests the US 2xcore S3 was outrunning the Euro 4xcore S3. The S3 is too big. It's difficult to hold (relative to the iPhone) Whatever. Buy whatever your friends have.
I just read the Hamilton-Mercedes rumor. I absolutely hate the notion of Hamilton at Mercedes. Hate it.
A friend had one of these years ago.The worst manual transmission I've ever driven. Period.It was a slob in the corners, was extremely disconnected from the drive, and was about as reliable as Windows Millennium Edition.However, the car had two endearing features - Some of the best seats I've sat in, and great highway pickup.
As a current Lumia 900 user, here is my .02... Windows still needs more apps. Period. Banking apps, traveling apps, daily use apps, etc are sorely missed. After doing my banking on iPhone/Blackberry for years, it's tough to go without. Stability on the latest Nokia products has been questionable. There are huge outcry's in the windows mobile world revolving around poor data connectivity, low signal strength, freezing, etc. The Carl Zeiss camera is absolute garbage on...
Gents, My thought of the day revolves around golf shoes. I've taken a liking to a couple of the nicer courses, and I've noticed most guys wearing "classic" styled shoes. My golf buddies generally wear Nikes, FJ, whatever, and are group-thinking me to buy some Nikes, or something else "tour approved". My question: 1 - Are Allen Edmonds (or similar) viewed as "old men" shoes on the course? 2 - Who else makes a nice classic shoe?
Watched Ted last night. I'm not one for stupid comedies, but wasn't horrible.
I gave it my best shot, but couldn't get G+ to stick. Absolute ghost town.
I would have taken up aviation. As a matter of fact, I still might. Speaking with numerous pilots, the large carriers are all looking for 2 things: Flight hours and a bachelors degree. Most students coming through flight school (We have the largest in the country in my city) either have a 2 year college course, or no post-secondary (aside from pilots training).
I'm working with my daily Mont Blanc Starwalker rubber and platinum (ball). Need to press through pages, so the roller was beneficial. Absolutely love the rubber grip, but the platinum gets dirty pretty easily.
Just sold a huge company on our products. Very, very lucrative, and I am currently the shining star of our company. ... And 2-3 games of golf this weekend. SWEET!
New Posts  All Forums: