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A glass of slightly warm Cognac... Remy Martin VSOP... The perfect end to a long and stressful day!
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade hehe clever +1
I'm holding off... Its quotes like the one above, "Facebook is about as stimulating as poking a dead cat in a gutter." that make SF what it is!
^^^ Those whites look half cool... When it comes down to it, there are plenty of better alternatives.
Margaritaville --> South Park classic!! Best episode in a long time
I'm really upset with the start of the season... The diffuser issue that has everyone talking leads to a completely unfair advantage... Three or four races in, it will be a completely different starting grid on race day.
If crazy bitch = super horny bitch.. then I might be familiar! I dated this one chick for like a week... I knew she was a little crazy... but she was SO hot.. She called me at like 2 in the morning to head over to her friends place... they were smashed... and we had a crazy bitch threesome... it was great... Then like a month later... I had another crazy bitch threesome, but it was with two different chicks.. who were obsessed with comparing their breasts... Win all...
I picked up a hoodie from their winter collection... GREAT stuff... it fits quite slim, but the sleeves are a little on the short side... maybe a 34
I don't mind the waist suppression... However, the jacket is a bit too short... I understand a lot of companies have been going this route the last couple seasons (who knew a short jacket could be cool?) But I've never really understood it. The sleeves are a very personal preference... Personally I'd go an eight to a quarter of an inch longer... Either way, nice suit!
I am reminded of words from the Entourage Bible, "Turtle: Come on E, you know friends are just girls you haven't fucked yet."
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