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Friday is typically my party night... Sometimes I'll sit with a glass of scotch or cognac during the week... As a matter of fact, right now a glass of scotch would be perfect!
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic what's the problem? Hmm, I actually quite like it's fun. -1
Quote: Originally Posted by Radiant I had an underarm sweating problem and tried switching anti-perspirant brands a bunch of times with no luck. I eventually gave up and just started using plain old deodorant. I figured that if the anti-perspirant wasn't going to work than I might as well not wear it at all. Well, to my surprise the sweating problem disapeared. It seems that the excessive sweating was just some sort of alergic reaction to the chemicals in...
06' Mazda RX-8 6M Always loved the rotary engine... the sounds at 10k rpm... However, I think I'm going to trade it this coming November for a 1 or 3 series coupé.
I'm still in college (1 month left of my undergrad!!!!) And I can honestly say... If I hear ONE more comment about the Hills starting up this Monday.... I will require one of you to shoot me in the head. Point blank. twice.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Apparently black shirts and red ties are in... hahahaha +1 And the finale really did it for me...
So Lewis was promoted to third... And now he is DISQUALIFIED! "The disqualification centres around that Jarno Trulli overtake. Jarno went off the track while the safetly car was out, and Lewis passed him. The confusion begins when Trulli then repassed Lewis – was he let through, or did he overtake? It would appear that McLaren told Lewis over the radio to let him pass, but then told stewards after the race that Trulli overtook." So essentially they have been...
A glass of slightly warm Cognac... Remy Martin VSOP... The perfect end to a long and stressful day!
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade hehe clever +1
I'm holding off... Its quotes like the one above, "Facebook is about as stimulating as poking a dead cat in a gutter." that make SF what it is!
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