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I've seen the rapid turn around... Whore in highschool/college... graduation happens, and she got married like 3 months into a relationship (the summer of graduation)... And she was a WHORE...
Walk Score: 10 out of 100 — Car-Dependent Ouch... Next month I'm moving from this house to an apartment downtown 75 out of 100 — Very Walkable A step in the right direction!
Kanye West - " Couldn't afford the S class... so I had to cop the baby momma Benz"
This thread is useless without a recipe.
I completely understand your frustration... Pet peeves can become extremely annoying after some time together... So get that issue straightened out!
I'm anal enough that I'll re-tie if I don't end up with a nice dimple... I find it depends on the tie, and how the silk is finished. Some are perfect every time, some are ... not perfect every time!
I love getting gift cards to stores I frequent... Especially clothing stores... Before Christmas = full price After Christmas (gift card territory) = sale! Take advantage, folks.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion My friend knocked my Ray-Bans off my head, and out of the window while we were driving on the interstate at 70mph. ouch.... I'm finished my final semester of undergrad on the 16th... So right now is crunch time Term paper/Presentation due tomorrow Business Plan/Presentation due Wednesday Law term paper due Wednesday Term paper due Thursday And I work all day today crunch time guys.... crunch...
Every way. Generally prefer over easy... But a light, fluffy scrambled egg sounds good for tomorrow morning!
Friday is typically my party night... Sometimes I'll sit with a glass of scotch or cognac during the week... As a matter of fact, right now a glass of scotch would be perfect!
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