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Congratulations on the purchase... Hampsteads are beautiful! I bring mine a few times a year to be polished, and they darken the tips... God it looks brilliant!
Favorite: Breitling, IWC, Patek, U-Boat, vintage Tudors, the style of Mont Blanc, vintage lord elgin Least Favorite: Gucci, Nixxon, most 'designer' watches
I find this generation RL (05-08... with the new facelift in 09) to be quite sluggish. It's a big car, with lots of room, and lots of great options. The TL is more of a 'drivers car'... And I'm using this term lightly. However, it is comfortable as hell! Whatever you get, make sure you get the tech pack... That gives you all the bells and whistles!
the SL is nice... but the CLK 63 Black is the better of the two... (As per Jeremy Clarkson, who actually bought the CLK)
Brigg These guys are the best for a reason.
Thread made my day!!! hahahaahah wow...
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin I'm the furthest thing from a dash-stroker, but this makes my pants tight. The new Z4. +1 Simply amazing
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma So what you're saying is it's the 'Cream of the crap' no? AE makes great shoes... These simply look phenomenal with the right outfit! Pick them up before they've sold out completely! On a sidenote, I found them quite easy to maintain... I brought them to my local shoe repair, and got a complete do-over prior to this spring/summer, and they look brand new.
PS3 guy here... For ONE reason... Gran Turismo! GT FTW
Always loved the P1800.... I really hope this hits production!
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