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^^^ Agreed. If you want to work 100 hours a week, move to korea.
My business partner just traded in his 1 series for a 335is. Interior aside, I love this car. As a daily driver, I'd be tempted to take this over an M3.
bought flannel sheets last winter, and haven't looked back.
Sweet Maldonado movie. LOL
^^^ Pretty obvious that it's a track car.Actually looks decent, considering.
For the white vs black... My personal opinion, which is completely worthless... The black is 100% the better looking device.
Great first episode. Two-face is going to slaughter everyone.
Rolls buzzkill. Really enjoying my 3.2L A5. Actually prefer it to my E60 545.
I also love how he's not double clutching.What a chump.Wonder if the road was closed?
lololol As a guy who does a LOT of track days/mountain runs, my stomach turned when I saw that lip, at that speed.
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