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Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 I did, but you don't seem to get a point from my pupil. Returned the favor... but it didn't do much
Next time you guys are shopping at Saks, Holtz (Canada), wherever... Take a look around... It's comical to see some of the altercations take place... Some (MOST) men are absolutely whipped by their 'personal shopper'. I feel ill.
Finally applied to joined the SF clan! Pupil me and I'll do the same
twice a week generally.... any more then that and I'm perma-cranky.
BOSS Selection has some great things... Their suits are typically of the half-canvassed variety... Their ties are phenomenal (Although 175$ retail here in Canada is too much)... And their shirting is very good. (Note- Boss Selection is a very different beast then Hugo Boss Black label) Now shirts are another story... You can get a decent MTM shirt for the price of the Selection Shirts... So I am not completely sold... But if it fits you well, and you are happy with...
I used to be a slave to Perma-Shine... Which is huge where I live (Eastern Canada) For those of you who don't know... It's similar to the coatings dealers always try and up-sell. (An auto-body pro in my area has deemed it 'the equivalent to anything you can do yourself' They charge $120 per vehicle, with a $20 per year 'check up' I think my next my next foray will be into the world of Zaino.
Picked up some random imported beer at the liquor store Got together with a group of about 5 friends... Drank a bit... Watched Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals (GO PENS)
When I think lavender, I immediately think black or a light grey. Great combo.
30k and under gives you plenty of options... Personally, I would pick up something used... (WRX, RX8, Civic SI, 3 series... Almost anything can be found in this market >30k) Throw some extended warranty... You can certainly pick up something that will be more fun then your three choices, and you can invest the savings (Or spend it on your truck!) Good luck, friend.
I LOVE this Vantage... But the real question is... What does James May think of Aston? read on!
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