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NOS! I don't often drink energy drinks... But when I do... I prefer NOS!
Some easy listening... Holmes FTW
I was recently on a week long stay in Boston, with a limo serviced paid for by the good people of New Brunswick (Provincial thing....) They asked me not to tip the drivers, as a built in gratuity is generally pre-paid, or negotiated in the contract. Not always, but something to think about!
Another vote for no pocket... Much cleaner
Asterix, I LOVE your Touareg... How do you find the V10?
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik I bet the economic downturn has hurt the private island market +1 Man... theres some in my area for 30k... Maybe its time to invest??
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 I did, but you don't seem to get a point from my pupil. Returned the favor... but it didn't do much
Next time you guys are shopping at Saks, Holtz (Canada), wherever... Take a look around... It's comical to see some of the altercations take place... Some (MOST) men are absolutely whipped by their 'personal shopper'. I feel ill.
Finally applied to joined the SF clan! http://xpress2k.mybrute.com/ Pupil me and I'll do the same
twice a week generally.... any more then that and I'm perma-cranky.
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