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Pad Thai.. no contest!
I currently have a 2004 RX8... and while not German, repairs can be expensive... When the warranty was near the end, I did some serious research, and found a few after-market warranties which were equivalent, if not superior to the in-house warranty programs. (For less money) Before any after-market warranties are even considered, try and do AS MUCH research as you can... there are some pretty shady companies out there... But its an option!
Quote: Originally Posted by Vito I don't mind going to a movie theater alone, every once in a while. But I would feel a little uncomfortable having dinner alone in a decent restaurant. Opposite here... I hate going to the theater alone... but I really don't mind dining alone
This style is from the spring/summer 09 collection... Last years model had the G print on the rear of the shoe as well... I picked them up (most comfortable deck shoe I've EVER tried on) and I can tell you, they are fake... Looking at mine right now, and looking at the photo on Ebay... I can tell you it certainly looks fake to me. Good luck!
I have never smoked anything in my life. I would love to try cigars.... but I've always backed off... Maybe next time
A clean single button will do nicely. I hate the 'cheap' (in my opinion) look of adjustable cuffs....
Quote: Originally Posted by mikej77 I like the Molton Brown black pepper body wash. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter can anyone tell me if you can buy an unlocked iphone now in the states? You could always buy an unlocked iPhone in the states... Ebay has them (Although its about a 15 minute process to unlock it yourself --> See Google and youtube How To's)
One hell of a game! GO PENS GO!
I've got a blackberry bold (like the big 3G brother to the curve), and an iPhone.... I have two close friends who manage cell phone retail outlets, so I've always got the inside scoop... The latest Iphone (better camera, voice recognition, landscape typing, ect...) is coming out VERY soon... That will be extremely hard to beat. I prefer my iPhone to my blackberry for everything but emailing (push vs pull systems... google it) After about two weeks, you will be able to...
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