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I've got a blackberry bold (like the big 3G brother to the curve), and an iPhone.... I have two close friends who manage cell phone retail outlets, so I've always got the inside scoop... The latest Iphone (better camera, voice recognition, landscape typing, ect...) is coming out VERY soon... That will be extremely hard to beat. I prefer my iPhone to my blackberry for everything but emailing (push vs pull systems... google it) After about two weeks, you will be able to...
NOS! I don't often drink energy drinks... But when I do... I prefer NOS!
Some easy listening... Holmes FTW
I was recently on a week long stay in Boston, with a limo serviced paid for by the good people of New Brunswick (Provincial thing....) They asked me not to tip the drivers, as a built in gratuity is generally pre-paid, or negotiated in the contract. Not always, but something to think about!
Another vote for no pocket... Much cleaner
Asterix, I LOVE your Touareg... How do you find the V10?
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik I bet the economic downturn has hurt the private island market +1 Man... theres some in my area for 30k... Maybe its time to invest??
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 I did, but you don't seem to get a point from my pupil. Returned the favor... but it didn't do much
Next time you guys are shopping at Saks, Holtz (Canada), wherever... Take a look around... It's comical to see some of the altercations take place... Some (MOST) men are absolutely whipped by their 'personal shopper'. I feel ill.
Finally applied to joined the SF clan! Pupil me and I'll do the same
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