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Quote: Originally Posted by ohm I find that these are generally effective at helping one assert their authority. Well played
Driving the Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia, Canada) with a couple of my friends this weekend... We're taking separate sports cars, walkie talkies... *Top Gear-esque* It's my positive motivation for this week!
See photo to the left.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I think it's a little long like other posters said but when you wear gloves it'll be less noticeable. +1 A little long, but probably not worth the hassle...
I can't help but post... I love reading posts pertaining to Rolls Royce, Bentley... Really anything that is considered British Luxury. I read them for the content, but.. in complete honesty, I read them for the vocabulary. "Nice" is transformed to 'elegant, beautiful, etc" "Car" is transformed to "automobile, motorcar, etc" I don't quite know if people are trying to sound more refined, when speaking of a topic which is in itself quite refined... Or if these threads...
^^^^^ I agree... Take Vitamin C, and eccenatia like its your job!
Dibs on the DG sweater... providing fit can be provided
Probably a fake.... One of my coworkers used to say... Would you take the mercedes badge off your mercedes? Some people need a greater cause...
I love the looks of it... And I bet it would look magnificent in person!
Complex or not... I agree with you... Although to be fair... I blame it entirely on Entourage!
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