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I love the looks of it... And I bet it would look magnificent in person!
Complex or not... I agree with you... Although to be fair... I blame it entirely on Entourage!
Manual sports car Automatic luxury saloon... Best of both worlds I guess!
Living in the Maritimes (Moncton, NB) I see one of these damn things on every corner. I can honestly say, I have no desire for their rubbish coffee. Nor do I have desire to bite into their sub-par food. Check out this video from 93 (Before Moncton hit its economic boom, mind you!)
Jamie Oliver...
Mont Blanc actually has a very good leather good line. Love my wallet
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby I've never seen that before... LOL'd!
Well it certainly looks terrible... I wonder what it has under the bonnet?
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba They're business formal for most people these days.....thats why they sell so many. Not only that, but weekend wear, dinner party wear, ect. I would have fit in much better at the engagement party i went to over the weekend with a polo shirt, then the suit that i wore. Ahh yes... The engagement party overdressed thread... Good thing it was a $20 dollar rental
Canada day celebrations at a local pub/club on a wharf.... Great time! By 12:00 there was a 2 hour lineup to get in.... So maybe it was a little too packed
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