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Funny you bring this up... I had this line coming into my shop for s/s 10... And I got an email a couple days ago saying they're out of business... Keep in mind, I'm in Canada... And there website is now back up, so perhaps they still have product in the US and elsewhere?
Some posters on this site REALLY piss me off... I'll read the thread title, think ... wow! great topic... Only to find idiots posting COMPLETELY worthless crap!!!! Some people need a bigger cause!
Bought an old Artie Shaw record yesterday.... Artie Shaw - Nightmare = Goosebumps
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White So the car is an ideal first sports car for someone who simply never would let an engine get anywhere near orange, much less red line. Actually, many Mazda mechanics recommend a 'Redline a day to keep the technician away" This car begs to be revved, and many issues with the car revolve around the third set of injectors not opening properly, which is due to people not reaching the 7500'ish RPM 'switch...
I currently own an 04 RX8... just hit 50,000km's (like 35k miles or something) **Also for sale!** I also own an 09 BMW 128i, and the girlfriend drives an 08 GTI, so I have some close competition for comparisons sake. The faults of the RX8 are as follows: 1) Its thirsty... Gas mileage is lackluster... 2) The Renesis motors are prone to failure, so make sure you have warranty 3)It lacks torque However, 1)It is one of the best handling and 'feeling' cars on the road...
Cotton for me... As close to 100% as I can find!
The waist measurement is one of the most difficult, and commonly confused measurements in the business. Typically... A tailor will take your seat measurement first... A typical person has an 8" drop (the difference between the seat and the waist) If you're a 40" seat, you're a 'normal' 32" waist OP - Of course there are variances to this equation, but it will give you a general idea if your a 36 or 32 Best of luck.
This is horrible news... But really, who didn't expect something like this?
My girlfriend is a stylist at the local high end salon... So she has been cutting my hair for a while... But I'm actually considering going back to my barber (behind her back!) Nothing beats a full shave, haircut, and conversation with a quality, old Italian barber.
I've got both a RIM Bold, and an Iphone... To be completely unbiased, and honest.... After about 3 weeks I could type as fast on the Iphone as the bold... Now I'm probably a bit quicker on the Iphone, as it has slightly better suggestive searching/typing.
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