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1993 pal. 1993.
Russia and Canada for a bronze... Weird.
As a Canadian, and this being the only thing we're good at, I'm ashamed. The pre-tournament excitement surrounding the "lockout-year Canadian super-team" really panned out well... If there is a God, TC will stop favoring the OHL, drop the WHL grinders, and give the Q players a decent shot. Subban over Binnington? Ryan Murphy? MacKinnon and Drouin not on the same line? MacKinnon as a 13th forward? WTF Steve. WTF.
Absolutely agree.I refused to drive my old Fiat 124 with the top up.Partially because of the visceral experience of having the top down.Partially because of the fumes seeping into the cabin.I must have lost 5-10 years off my life driving that damned thing.
Going the opposite way (Montreal to the Maritimes)I agree.People here generally talk like morons.Great people, though!
Not much of a sky today (looking down my driveway)
The dog and I went for a hike behind my house, searching for the perfect Christmas tree. 2 hours, and a few axe swings later, and she fell. Awesome morning !
Picked up a bottle of Glen Breton last night. If you haven't tried it, and you like scotch, do yourself a favor.
Amazing video
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