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I've always been a manual man. Even ordered my V8 5 series in a manual. Salesman looked at my like I was a drunk.
Montreal Jewish Bagels FTW
Great touring cars.Enjoy!
I have the exact car in black. 3.2 here.
My tenant just returned from a week long stay in Cuba. 50 Montecristos have just been added to my humidor
It's a Friday, and we're expecting 15-25mm of rain. Damn.
Started watching Horrible Bosses. Jennifer Aniston saved the first 3/4, but I couldn't finish it... Too damn stupid. Watched Secretariat last night. Great movie.
Montezuma's revenge. It doesn't matter who you're with, that shit'll ruin any trip.
CSX replacement.Another boring civic-based + 5k because-its-an-acura.
As a huge Hamilton fan, I was a tad demoralized weekend. 12 second pitstops FTL. I'm waiting for the top runners to completely giving up on qualifying, and starting from the back of the pack with all fresh tires.
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