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Had air suspension on my Navigator. It malfunctioned 15 times during my 2 years with that shitbox.
Went to a "gala" last evening. The best restaurant in town catered. It was awful.
I've always been a manual man. Even ordered my V8 5 series in a manual. Salesman looked at my like I was a drunk.
Montreal Jewish Bagels FTW
Great touring cars.Enjoy!
I have the exact car in black. 3.2 here.
My tenant just returned from a week long stay in Cuba. 50 Montecristos have just been added to my humidor
It's a Friday, and we're expecting 15-25mm of rain. Damn.
Started watching Horrible Bosses. Jennifer Aniston saved the first 3/4, but I couldn't finish it... Too damn stupid. Watched Secretariat last night. Great movie.
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