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I agree with the above, Maldonado is an idiot. Just when I thought McLarens pit-stops were hitting a nice stride, they prove themselves incapable. And can someone shed some light on Jenson? Apparently he got the same improvements Hamilton had this weekend, and he's nowhere near the pace. Seems mighty uncomfortable in the car.
I've taken the liberty of creating a fairly concise SWOT analysis for the OP. Strengths Looks awesome on a resume Weaknesses Coming up with 300 million worth of start-up capital (source: random internet forum) Opportunities Bitch, get in the plane. Threats Where do I start?
Total waste of 5 minutes. Not even close to reality.
^^^ I absolutely love it. The One-77 and DBS had a baby, and it's sexy as hell.
Brown's lucky Drake didn't haul out a hockey stick. Shit would have gotten real.
I'm sold.
Saw some amazing machinery in Montreal this weekend for the Grand Prix. The Mclaren MP4-12C has incredible presence. The photos simply don't do the car justice. A black one was parked beside a 458, and caught more eyes than the Ferrari.
What a bitch. She must be all paleo and shit.
Just picked up a new set of clubs. Taylormade R11S driver R11 irons Scotty Cameron putter My game has improved dramatically versus using my old beginner set.
Surprising. I figured the M5 would be walking away with the latest comparos. Props to Audi.
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