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^^^ I absolutely love it. The One-77 and DBS had a baby, and it's sexy as hell.
Brown's lucky Drake didn't haul out a hockey stick. Shit would have gotten real.
I'm sold.
Saw some amazing machinery in Montreal this weekend for the Grand Prix. The Mclaren MP4-12C has incredible presence. The photos simply don't do the car justice. A black one was parked beside a 458, and caught more eyes than the Ferrari.
What a bitch. She must be all paleo and shit.
Just picked up a new set of clubs. Taylormade R11S driver R11 irons Scotty Cameron putter My game has improved dramatically versus using my old beginner set.
Surprising. I figured the M5 would be walking away with the latest comparos. Props to Audi.
Had air suspension on my Navigator. It malfunctioned 15 times during my 2 years with that shitbox.
Went to a "gala" last evening. The best restaurant in town catered. It was awful.
New Posts  All Forums: