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Words of wisdom, Hgalek. I've been to some pretty terrible house parties. Saying that, I'm currently 25, and nothing beats a good house party for me. Project X
Check out Vasque too... Have a pair going on 2 years of rigorous hikes.
4 miles. LOTS of elevation changes.
I wear a watch 365 days a year. But I'm a snob.
I could be wrong, but isn't that a 1M?
Saw a nazi yesterday. Seriously. Dude was dressed in swastikas, printed on the Tshirt, necklace, etc. Living in a very conservative town, this blew my mind.
Bought some local raspberries a couple weeks ago... Forgot about them... Looks like I dismembered a man in my fridge...
I understand wagons, it's the idiotic "super SUV's" that blow my mind. The XM series, AMG Merc SUV's, etc. The X6M has got to be one of the most unusual sales craze's of late, and the worst of the bunch. They only seat 4, are horrible in the winter, have no storage space, and can't handle for shit, but I see the damn things everywhere! Two of my neighbors have them... Make superwagons look completely sane.
4 for me yesterday. Started raining as soon as I returned to my driveway
I've taken a step back from Skyrim and hooked the regular Nintendo up. I thought killing Falmer was tough... Try beating world 8 in Mario 3!
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