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I'm part of a local group-buy. Section 24, very top row. Gives us the ability to stand up without hindering anybodies view, and we can see when the toilets are empty. A huge plus.
I'll be there. However, I've lost my tickets somewhere in my house. Nightmare!
I've done this, albeit it was on income properties. We spoke with various lawyers, and eventually we ended up with a VERY detailed document, that you might say is similar to a co-habitation agreement. It states what will happen in every event imaginable. I view it as an insurance policy. The biggest factor in our policy is to put the same, and take the same. If I put $100 in repairs, he needs to put $100 in repairs, and so on. Sometimes easier said than done. Oh, and...
The only car service around here would fall into "taxi" category anywhere else in the world.We have a couple of escalade limos, and early 2000 vintage town cars.200k people, and quite blue-collar.
^^ I've priced out some fairly capable lifts for ~$2500 cnd... Considering the amount of labor I'm sure the 355 requires to replace those things, might pay a hefty portion of the lift! On a side note - I need you guys to talk me out of my next car purchase. I'm still very happy with my Audi for daily driving, but in the interest of my business (High end clothing), I have started considering limo-like options. Competitors in neighboring cities have started offering a...
Go store to store. Find a few smaller shops willing to pedal your product, and the name will catch. Take out some space in a retailer magazine, such as MR, and buy space in trade shows. It's not as crazy as everybody thinks. But coming up with nice product? That's the hard part.
You, sir, are organized.
A group of us drove the Cabot Trail (Cape Breton) this past weekend. A guy had a 335is, and just made the move from PS2's to PSS, and is blown away. Not to mention, they're a much better price! I'd throw a STRONG recommendation at Bridgestone RE-11(s). Best tire I've ever had Oh, and get a Tubi exhaust. Now!
You'll go through two rears to one front.BMW mantra.You're in an E60 M5 aren't you? My old E60 (545i) was the absolute hardest car on tires I've ever owned.What are you running for rubber?
Beautiful stuff. Wanna sell that "Corot"??
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