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One of my tenants works at a BMW dealership, so I had the opportunity to drive the new 2 series the other day. After spending loads of time in the 128 and 135, I can say that I have an instant love/hate relationship with the new 2. Love: It's more comfortable. All the Canadian cars come equipped with "Sport Line", but even so, it's just as comfortable as a non-sport package equipped 1. The interior is second level. Not even close. The seats are better, the dash is...
For those of you into fantasy hockey -Probably the best 3 minute fantasy rant ever. [[SPOILER]]
69kph... Probably in a 50
I love my Doxa.
My business partner has a 335IS.After many track days, canyon drives, etc, I like it better as much as the M3.But, 1M > all for driving experience.
Not reading this thread.... However, having used a Lumia 920, Motorola Razr HD (my favorite), and my trusty iPhone 5 (terrible battery life) over the last 6 months... My Blackberry Q10 is horrible. Cons - I'm on my third software refresh. - The lack of applications is seriously an issue (I don't care if you "use" apps or not, this is a big one) - BBM Video only works on a 3+bar LTE network - inability to search previous messages in web-based mail servers (yahoo, gmail,...
3rd interested. We use a Moneris POS, which is good... But the hardware (tower) provided is useless.
Brain-freeze. Pie me.
I'm part of a local group-buy. Section 24, very top row. Gives us the ability to stand up without hindering anybodies view, and we can see when the toilets are empty. A huge plus.
I'll be there. However, I've lost my tickets somewhere in my house. Nightmare!
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