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For those of you into fantasy hockey -Probably the best 3 minute fantasy rant ever. [[SPOILER]]
69kph... Probably in a 50
I love my Doxa.
My business partner has a 335IS.After many track days, canyon drives, etc, I like it better as much as the M3.But, 1M > all for driving experience.
Not reading this thread.... However, having used a Lumia 920, Motorola Razr HD (my favorite), and my trusty iPhone 5 (terrible battery life) over the last 6 months... My Blackberry Q10 is horrible. Cons - I'm on my third software refresh. - The lack of applications is seriously an issue (I don't care if you "use" apps or not, this is a big one) - BBM Video only works on a 3+bar LTE network - inability to search previous messages in web-based mail servers (yahoo, gmail,...
3rd interested. We use a Moneris POS, which is good... But the hardware (tower) provided is useless.
Brain-freeze. Pie me.
I'm part of a local group-buy. Section 24, very top row. Gives us the ability to stand up without hindering anybodies view, and we can see when the toilets are empty. A huge plus.
I'll be there. However, I've lost my tickets somewhere in my house. Nightmare!
I've done this, albeit it was on income properties. We spoke with various lawyers, and eventually we ended up with a VERY detailed document, that you might say is similar to a co-habitation agreement. It states what will happen in every event imaginable. I view it as an insurance policy. The biggest factor in our policy is to put the same, and take the same. If I put $100 in repairs, he needs to put $100 in repairs, and so on. Sometimes easier said than done. Oh, and...
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