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I bought a pair of Evil denim jeans on ebay a while ago. Do anybody have any info on these? are they pre-shrunk? e.t.c The only thing i know is that they are selvage and that they are limited to 500 pairs. tryed google for info but found nothing. Any replies woud be apreciated.
what did you pay? what do they retail for?
i am 36 waist and 36 lenght, but i dont think i have anything to trade. Whats the lengt on those?
i almost feel pain in my croch youst looking at that. I am pretty shure sperm banks will have a rise in popularity if that becomes a trend
Arnt there a lot of jeans with a straigt legged fit? I dont think Edwin jeans taper mutch. The pair i have dont taper at all. This was probably no help att all, but at least i tried.
in fact you dont get that mutch money because of a child, offcourse in comparison to the rest of the world you get a lot. and offcourse i dont think every tax we have is wrong, that would be stupid, but some of the taxes are way off. Actually i dont think the alcohol taxes are bad, i can afford to get drunk if i wanna. and maybe it helps limit the average alcohol consuption. can you describe what antifit is? i never ounderstod what it looks like ore mean. Sorry...
offcurse we tax everyting, the goverment is made of idiots, I found out the otther day that even cigaret papers and perfumed have regulations on how much you can bring in to the country. Thank good they got lucky and struck oil. cars for example cost at least twice ass mutch in Norway than in usa. Sorry for bad spelling again. not my strongside. But do somone know how the fit on these jeans are, loose, tight etc
i think thin denim will do it, i tend to get that problem? while wearing my cheap monday jeans.. Cant imagine why somone woud make an effort of showing off their goods. think it sounds corny
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn But don't you have some fancy designer jeans in Norway that would be cheaper and better than Levi? cheap monday (swedish) is cheap in norway. But in general a pair of jeans will cost you at least 100bucks. And the more fancy jeans will cost a lot more. We have a norwegian brand called moods of norway, i dont know if they are international. But norwegian as they are they are stil expencive. I think we pay...
i actually like a bit loose fit on my jeans, so if the 505 are a bitt loose i think i will be quite happy. Thanks for all responds!
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