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The harsher and more draconian Uganda becomes the more likely the well-off and educated liberal minded minority will flee the country leading to a brain drain.
This is what the disabled toilet was meant for.
My parents ran a little clothing boutique and I have handled a lot of leather in my life. Drew's is top notch no question about it. My DR is quite literally the softest leather I've ever worn.
I've heard of that war game before, but until I know just how many cruise missiles a 'massive salvo' consists of I'm doubtful any potential opponent in the foreseeable future would be able to get through the AEGIS network short of depleting the entire store of missiles. I also know that the newest radars that will be installed on the F-35 make it essentially able to shut down every aircraft and missile targetting system. Ultimately the Carrier Strike Group is all about the...
Waterboarding is simply one tool among many. That it does not leave permanent physical scarring is the only good thing about it.
Having witnessed the capability of the AEGIS defense system in defending against some truly mindboggling acrobatic stunts pulled by some anti-ship missiles I can say that nothing we know of could truly knock out a carrier strike group short of an ICBM. Even in the case of a direct hit by a supersonic missile the vast amount of armor and watertight compartments that proliferate any warship makes anything less than multiple hits to the flight deck or a direct torpedo hit to...
I'd hate to advise someone to buy Wing & Horns or Rick Owens straight off the bat. That's why the oft-maligned styleforum 'uniform' exists. It consists of: Coat: Peacoat Cardigan: Black T-Shirt: White Vneck Jeans: APC/3sixteen/any slim raw selvage in the $200 range Sneakers: Chucks You can literally get the above for less than $500 if you shop in the right places.
It takes someone in good shape, or at least not fat, to rock the vneck. That's why you wear it if you can.
Its fine. Camo, like black leather, is not something to be done in half doses. It's all the way or nothing, baby.
Some cheap canvas slip ons like dunlop volleys are your best bet. You will trash your shoes and your feet. There is nothing more painful than walking for hours on concrete in heavy boots.
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