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I'm curious as to the optimal fabric selection for one of Jason's Lettermans. It would seem that worsted would be incongruous with its sporty nature, yet tweed and flannel would also look rather odd. Has anyone ordered one? Whats the general consensus? Is it best to have it form fitting or like a sack coat?
First of all, I'd like to say that your jacket is a size too large for you. But nothing much you can do about it now, it isnt comically large so I wouldn't purchase a new one just yet. But return it if you can. If you can't exchange the suit for a smaller size, take it to an alterations tailor and have them take up the sleeves by an inch. Btw, unbutton your bottom button and do up your top one. Your jacket's lapel roll doesn't accomodate a three roll two.
Quick enquiry into the condition of the armani jacket, and how it fits on you?
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