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Notation is sloppy and unacceptable at any level. The implied reading gives 2 when the correct reading of the notation is 288. Because division sign can imply a fraction the order must be made clearer.
OP, what is the nature of your work and what does your wife do to merit having a nanny.
In this thread we contemplate our navels.
The simple fact is that the most basic property right is to deny entry. The state has no right to enter without a warrant. This includes the military, which should never be deployed against its own citizens.
This is disgusting. A man's house is his castle. The US Army should be at your door and be powerless to come in if you said no.
What material are the originals offered in? Sorry for the noobish question.
It's never ok. /The More You Know
I'd go out on a limb and say that a CCP would be proxy for a piece of modern art. Completely unwearable and the value is in the ideas behind the work, perhaps a bit of the uniqueness of having retractable gloves or an object tanned/dyed piece. It would be interesting to have one on display but not to wear in real life.
Aeglus' or Synthese's hair would definitely be ok even in a conservative office. Fauxhawks have been establishment since 2003.
Asian kids who think that their skin colour prevents them from succeeding should man the fuck up and take responsibility for their own actions. Sure, there's maybe a tiny bit of latent racism left, boo-fucking-hoo. Nothing you can do to change it, no point in whining. Get out there and live your life.
New Posts  All Forums: