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Dress however you want. It doesn't matter if you're a member of faculty, its still college, the home of cum-stained sweatshirts and kids desperate for a square meal. Personally I'd wear a rumpled buttondown untucked, chinos and loafers. From what I can remember lecture theatres can get very stuffy.
Quote: Originally Posted by downtownstyle Price dropped to $165 shipped! Are there certification papers for this watch?
No need to give him any advice now. In a few months he would have been assimiliated into styleforum steez anyway.
Ace, I would actually think your suit has a bit of "drape" going on. Maybe its just me, but I think theres way too much fabric around the chest and especially the lower leg. I would remeasure the chest just to check for error, and taper the trousers, or at least cuff them so that they hang better. Could it be the function of the lighter weight fabric? Also, measure the shoulder from a very well fitted pre-existing suit and compare the measurement to your new suit....
I find it odd that its easier to get a suit that fits than a pair of jeans.
As much loved as OCBDs seem to be around here, I've never thought that they looked good on anyone that wasn't playing polo. Since my face is rather oblong and pointed, I prefer to just have a spread or cutaway collar for every one of my shirts. I also think that a spread or cutaway collar worn this way projects a sort of rakish charm. Might just be rationalising though. :P
Personally, I think that its possible to pull off the tone-on-tone look, its just not advisable. To the OP, firstly you'd have to make sure that your shirt had some sort of texture, like herringbone or a self stripe and while appearing black from a distance, have some sort of dark color like dark purple up close. Then your tie would have to be in the darkest shade of black you could get, and likewise in an interesting pattern. Finally, your suit would have to be a medium...
As far as I know, while the aesthetic is rather 90s designer, he doesn't seem to have done anything inappropriate. Part of the process is identifying exactly what you want to the tailor, which often includes fit, proportion, lapel roll etc. Did you specify that it was to be slim? Or did you just let him measure you and go with the house cut? Btw, your lapels look like they were done for a three button, high buttoning point jacket. Totally inappropriate for a two button,...
My one button petrol blue peak lapel is on the way, will post pics. I suspect this will be the ultimate lounge lizard meets rocker clubbing suit. =P
I'm curious as to the optimal fabric selection for one of Jason's Lettermans. It would seem that worsted would be incongruous with its sporty nature, yet tweed and flannel would also look rather odd. Has anyone ordered one? Whats the general consensus? Is it best to have it form fitting or like a sack coat?
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