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Put that jacket in the closet until you're 180lbs at least man.
I live in Sydney, which has arguably more mild weather than Brisbane, and I can't wear the lamb DR on any day above 20 degrees Celcius. It isn't so much the weight of the leather but the humidity that gets you. So unless you were riding on a coastal road calf would definitely be too much.
It will take a full year or so before calf that thick and dense begins honeycombing and conforming to your body.
If you look like this guy.
A bag that fits with the DRs please.
The fact that mall brands are mentioned here is the complete antithesis of what S&D is about. Not baller enough.
It is unforgiving. It accentuates the underlying attitude of the wearer. If you're a "don't give a fuck" kind of guy it accentuates the badass. If you're a corporate drone it makes you look even dorkier, without the nerd chic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orphan Hey guys, my latest purchase. Kangaroo leather outter, calf skin lining, hand made and sewn to a leather welt like dress shoes. From the manufacturing pictures they look to be very good quality but will know soon enough as they should arrive early next week at the latest. Not mainstream available but didn't cost $300+ baller range so I thought I would post them up in this thread. Where 2 kop
When you use public transport the ticket you buy is a contract between you and the organisation running the service. They, that they will have duty of care and take reasonable steps to ensure your safety while on the service and you, that you will obey the relevant regulations and authority. The conductor was absolutely in the right to request that she leave for violating those terms, which included acting in a reserved manner in the quiet carriage.
A shared unique experience strengthens team cohesian. I see no problem with non-lethal methods to cultivate that espirit de corps. When I was 18 I spent 24 hours wired into a terminal coding non-stop, powered by coffee and energy drinks along with the other guys in the project as a challenge. I also rolled down a hill in a plastic bin with the other new recruits in the ADF. Your choice, your decision. Be aware that if you refuse to partake the group shall exclude you in...
New Posts  All Forums: