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Sorry, but this sounds like a spinoff of Harvard Yard.
You do see some, mostly after they retire though since Asian corporate culture is draconian.
Tropical wool suits in tan, khaki and grey. A cotton/linen blend shirt. A panama hat while outside to keep your head from heating up.
I believe Mr. White's post pertains to the OP's situation specifically, that is, dressing impress either college aged women or college aged men given his lack of income. In contrast to those who say the OP should be as ubiquous as possible, Mr White asserts that those same men want to keep him at the same level, that the women have no taste in men save for international students, and that making a favourable impression on his teachers will do him a lot of good. I agree...
In my opinion, scruff has no place in the office, unless you're the CEO, approaching sixty, and have a full, grandfatherish beard. As a new recruit, you ought to be looking hungry, young and eager to work.
There are two scenarios where you would possibly be expecting to gain lean mass while shedding fat. The first is known as n00b gains. As someone completely unused to training, your body starts to actually form muscle around those scrawny girl arms and those ribs, while your level of activity (which is unprecedented for your body) is supported by your lard ass. This usually happens to fat kids, and is a natural consequence of more exercise while your body is adjusting...
I just used my school issued sports bag. Carried my tennis racquets, carried my books.
Throw that pos away and get yourself something of real quality. Btw they look like cum stains.
Your right shoulder appears drooped, which throws off the entire fit. I also suspect that too much waist suppression coupled with closed quarters and too large of a hip measurement results in that overhang from the back where the dual vents are. As far as first time fits go, this isn't that bad, but the right shoulder will definitely have to be padded up.
I wore peacoats, blazers, cardigans, chinos, pastel coloured button downs, knit ties, ankle boots and the occassional bow tie whenever I felt like it. Tank tops, kung fu pants and canvas deck shoes on exam weeks. Never had a problem. Theres a lot to be said for looking like you shower every day and mixing up pieces.
New Posts  All Forums: