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Wear a Mao Suit. Then when people ask you why you're dressed as a communist, hold a pistol to their face and ask for their cash.
This is not a bag for nancy boys, gentlemen.
I'd recommend some amount of swimming, cutting down on carbs, and maybe some body weight stuff.
When the armpit area buckles, and you can't get your arms in without extreme difficulty.
I actually think that double breaster is reasonable for NYC. But those suspenders with the contrast collar were a bit too much for my taste. My girlfriend disagreed quite vehemantly however, asserting that red suspenders were the height of style.
I have the exact same model, bought the previous month. It illicits compliments from everyone, coworkers, family, young, old and especially from women. More than once I've caught complete strangers seemingly in awe of it, it oozes quality without being pretentious like a designer briefcase from say, Hermes, would. Walking among Kings while keeping the common touch, if you would. For what it's worth, there are really only two things that most women seem to find...
One takes on the whole skinny lumberjack look, another idolises Kanye West and just bought the Louis Vuitton sneakers, the rest either throw on stuff their mothers/girlfriends bought for them or take the whole goth/emo thing to heart. My girl takes her fashion cues from Japanese girls in Shinjuku.
As far as I'm concerned, flip flops are the devil on earth. No one wants to see your hairy ass fungus feet, fellas. The trick to dressing well is to know how to mix high and low fashion so that you look good without being formal. Pair a blazer with well worn jeans, low canvas deck shoes and a vneck tee or a fred perry shirt. Wear ankle boots with skinny black jeans and a wrinkled linen button down. Put on a madras bow tie with a military-esque work shirt and slim chinos....
Navy flannel, peaked lapels, two buttoned designed to be buttoned up with both, patch pockets. Its how you wear it that counts.
Sorry, but this sounds like a spinoff of Harvard Yard.
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