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Let's remove the teacher-student relationship going on here. If this were some random teenage punk threatening an elderly lady at the grocery store I would certainly hope she didn't get prosecuted for punching him. This isn't a 6'4 football coach assaulting a 12 year old kid here.
$1 Million in any asset that you could sell in less than a week for emergency purposes (bonds, stocks, derivatives) is pretty much baller territory. That excludes 401(K), private equity or any real asset that would only give returns when sold at market (art, real estate, antiques etc).
Kids need to know who is in charge. Unfortunately some kids can only understand physical intimidation, which is why for millenia all teachers could and would use corporal punishment. It's only in the last few decades did baby boomer parents get up in arms over little Timmy being rapped across the knuckles for spitting on his teacher.
Suits only. /thread
Military surplus peacoats on ebay are your best bet.
All this does is increase Germany's reliance on foreign oil imports. Until she can supply all her energy needs with renewables it just isn't a very smart move. I can't believe France is outmaneuvreing Germany on the economy here.
Tennis hasn't mandated it but female athletes have far more lucrative endorsement deals if they are attractive. Same goes for men too. The only difference is that where the men wear tight shirts the women wear short skirts (more like bike shorts with a band of cloth around them). Badminton is a very niche sport. If their players' association can't realise that looking good boosts your televised popularity then they aren't doing their jobs right.
The first 5 seconds someone meets you is probably more important than anything you could say during the interview yourself, unless you admit to having a scat fetish or something. It's during that brief moment that you can build rapport with your interviewer and give the impression that working with you wouldn't be so bad.
Its designed to throw you off. They want to know how you react under stress. And most people are too proud to prepare a response. An answer along the lines of 'lack of technical expertise but that you have confidence in your ability to learn quickly' is probably the best thing you can say for most firms.
Please tell me you can do them in colours other than black.
New Posts  All Forums: