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If I remember correctly, at some Parisian restaurants they won't serve you unless you're in a jacket and tie. So make sure to pack a suit or at least a blazer.
Sorry man but that jacket looks really, really tight and short. You definitely need a 48.
Brooks Brothers button downs always go down well.
If you want the nerdy chic Thom Browne look, your trousers need to be much tighter and cuffed above the ankles to show off either: A. CP lows in white, no socks B. CP training boots in black or equivalent Anything else makes you look like a 16 year old kid.
Epic threak, would poast again.
This is a case of willpower more often that not. Of course there are ways to condition yourself to enjoy studying. My asian parents would guilt trip and physically abuse me whenever I slacked off, and I learnt to associate not being busy with pain. You could probably do something similar with a very mild ad-hoc stun gun made from a disposable camera.
You're better off buying a pair of RM Williams tbh. There is nothing those boots have that warrant paying the MMM premium.
Snagged them for $100. A pair of beaters for barcrawls and rainy days. Kid leather is so soft.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse The cash in the drawers. Is that BofA property subject to seizure and sale? I believe that when you deposit your money into a bank its equivalent to buying a CoD. So rather than the cash deposited being yours it is the bank's and the bank instead owes you your deposits in the same manner as a bond issuer. So even if their cash and physical assets at this branch were seized the deposits would be safe.
You've been shilling this forum since last year. In fact before this recent spate of thread opening two members had posted about not receiving any contact after they had made payment. What's the dig man?
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