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Quote: Originally Posted by partycrown men spending thousands of dollars only to end up looking like my 57 year old father and expecting women to give a shit about how they justify it to themselves as being cool/high quality/superior when everyone else, including other people interested in fashion/style, see it as an utterly bizarre exercise in niche-style obsession on par with people who play warhammer 40k and drink mountain dew code...
Her heart is in the right place, mostly. Execution could be better. I believe her post referred to guys who wear polos out to clubs, which is to say, is mostly accurate...maybe. I think we can take heart that most people here will only wear polos to play sport and/or casual occasions.
I imagine that the TaT pattern just doesn't fit you that well. How did your body shape compare to Jason's? With a larger chest it's hard to pull off the TaT cut is anything other than the one button which just so happens to button around mid navel, thus letting you get away with the waist suppression somewhat. I'd take the suit to Jason and request a fix up at no further expense, the shoulders are too strong to be un-noticable. In the future, narrower shoulders, more room...
Some kind of peacoat.
Wear it in an ironic way and you get points. Must have no shoulder pads, be loud/garishly checked, and worn with a fuck you attitude. Shirt is untucked, no tie and skewn like you just woke up from a night out on the town. Bloodshot eyes are compulsory.
Standards are low, very low. Any shirt with a collar, non-denim/twill trousers, non-hiking/sneakers leather shoes and a belt would have you looking good. I imagine things would be a touch more formal at Goldman or Morgan.
One word. Drape.
The more style conscious of us had messenger bags, laptops, and the ebook version of whatever textbook we needed stored somewhere in there. A fair few, myself included, just used a le coq sports bag or some such to hold gym clothes and various 'handy' things, while I don't think any one of us would have admitted it, it was privately regarded as extremely macho to carry around a sports bag and look as if we had just came off of training. But still, the vast majority had...
I bet this guy stiffs waiters.
Making sure the numbers you get result in something is a skill in itself. I have more success with getting the thing to stick once I get the conversation going to odd topics.
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