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You would really think that with the technical complexity involved in many cases they would actually seek to have a jury that had at least some smattering of college education.
Real hipsters shop from thriftstores only. Don't let any of your hipster friends find out you dropped more than $20 on your ironic tshirt.
Simple fact is that the only nations in the world capable of projecting force in any meaningful way are those with active carrier programs, i.e. American, Great Britain and France. The Italians have not been up to snuff in any major modern conflict and I wouldn't bet on them being a significant force any time soon.
I'd so totally get one if I didn't have a nickel allergy.
I agree, freedom of the press should extend to online activities for all citizens. What is so beautiful about the internet is that no one can censor it completely, most kids in China use VPNs that bypass the great firewall.
Yeah, but I think most guys aren't gonna pop down $700 for a nylon shell McGregor repro. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Here's a quick picture of the 65% complete fremen robe. Still no fasteners on it, the trim/liner isn't totally attached, and the sleeves are a mess. However, I still think it's pretty awesome so far. Working with this much fabric is exceedingly un-fun, however - especially when you know nothing about garment design or construction. feel free to ask questions, although I doubt I'll be of much use. The...
Any authentic work boot (be it Doc Martens or military issue) meant originally for hard work will do the job just fine.
Any harrington in anything other than red is an insult to James Dean's memory.
Black desert boots you can get away with.
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