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Quote: Originally Posted by Hkstyles Anyone have experience with the saddleback bags? looks delicious although very pricey. I have the original briefcase in the red russet. It has gotten compliments everywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man Why TF does he want to do that? OSL does not deserve any more notoriety or fame (for a lack of a better word) after what he did to the Americans. Money, dear boy. /gruff voice The Bin Laden family is obscenely wealthy and has had a monopoly on the Saudi Arabian construction market for decades. I'm willing to bet one of his sons (who unlike Osama aren't cut off) will be willing to pay to have his...
His family (those of them who haven't disowned him at least) would pay through the nose for his body.
The reason I said that any war between America and China would go nuclear, is that China has no way to win a conventional war. Any war between the two would, like WW2, hinge on the supply of oil to the war machine. Simply put, China does not have enough stategic reserves to last any longer than a year. The United States has both enough aircraft carriers and the missile defense umbrella for those carriers to blockade all the major ports. Their main strategy in the case...
That's true. It's just a real pity that our legal system essentially puts the fate of a potential innocent into the hands of twelve people who may not even understand or care about getting the right verdict, as long as they can get home in time for dinner.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I'm not even sure this is first order thinking. It's more like half order thinking. You need to be thinking at least second order, maybe third or fourth. Agreed, any confrontation between China and America could very quickly go nuclear. Moreover, China buys US debt to ensure the supply of dollars into its banking system, which uses dollars almost like a gold standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Like we've said, it really depends on what either side of the case is trying to accomplish. The whole point of jury selection seems to be the "stack the deck" in favor of one's side. In this sense, what type of juror gets selected really depends. In a case like mine, one side was selecting for college-educated people who wouldn't be bored to tears by, or unable to follow along with, medical details concerning...
Oh dear, Vietnam's claim to fame is not traditionally its Navy but its jungle fighting capabilities. This could get ugly very quick.
Sounds like the place is ripe for a Bond villain to establish his secret lair there, with the locals as dimwitted henchmen.
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