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"Got me nailed to a tee!" Say it with such gusto he feels like a dick, which he should since he's bringing negativity when you're just going about your own business.
In more 'exclusive' clubs you'll be in a dark suit. If you're baller enough a white suit. Note that the lighting in clubs will highlight blue, which will look neon, better than white or pink. Enjoy the fact that you can dress to the nines to go clubbing, I don't think I've had better reactions to a purple velvet suit any other time.
IMO touting the emulation of the former upper class as superior to emulation of the dispossessed is as equally offensive as the inverse. The former is out of touch at best, snobbish at worst. In fact, both are wrong insofar as considering it dressing 'up' or 'down' is concerned. In a world where clothing is now a form of self expression it's condescending to proscribe what anyone can wear based on whose son they are and how much they earn. BTW I find college kids just...
I concur with a lot of guys on the subject of basics. Some tshirts in flattering colours, chucks/vans/rod lavers and finally, a good pair of entry level jeans from APC/3sixteen/Crate. Anything else is an acquired taste and really needs you to understand what will and won't work for you. Ultimately, a lot of guys your age will be into 'hip-hop' inspired things if not straight up indie taste. Hypebeast or Sufu may be better for your aims.
You know, unless the girl has a really tight, perky ass I don't really find skinny jeans that attractive on them. Girls with no ass should really stick to mini skirts. Big girls... well.... yeah.
Some sort of baton, or any heavy bludgoning weapon is good for defending yourself from your average crack-infused-mugger. Good enough to get a few shots in and stun him, then run away. Realistically, if you pull a gun or a knife out on him it's likely he won't survive. That isn't good for him, or you. But bringing your fists into something where you're most likely to be able to carry some sort of weapon would be bordering on insane given most criminals at the very least...
At that pricepoint I would usually point to Thick as Thieves, but the tuxedo that was done up for Kent Wang was for a lack of a better word, shoddy. I think there are a few other members who have ordered one. I'd hover over the thread for a bit and see if anything good comes of it. Otherwise, you may want to look at Ralph Lauren on the B&S forum or Brook Bros.
To argue that ghosts exist would also imply that there is a methodology involved in creating one, otherwise everyone who died would turn into a ghost and the whole planet would be teaming with the 'undead'. Then, for these ghosts to take on a visible form, they would have to be physical, as anyone with even the slightest background in physics would tell you. If these ghosts where to take a physical form, then that would imply that we can interact with them. And if that is...
Invite her over your place for dinner. Get her tipsy. Backrub. Secks her on the mini bar.
Have a look at what looks good on other guys, then emulate that.
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