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Lol when I have exams I wear the daggiest yet most comfortable things. TOJ is awesome, but no where near loungewear level of comfort for test taking. Its definitely out-about-town stuff.
This could be the beginning of a ceasefire agreement. So long as the Taliban turn over Al-Qaeda leaders America could feasibly declare victory and pull out.
Speaking as a fellow Australian. Allow me to express my feelings on the strength of our dollar through interpretive dance.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZNZORYylNo
I'm paying anywhere between $1.20-$1.50 AUD per litre at the pump over here. You Americans have it lucky.
The solution is to learn to take your tie off, roll up your sleeves and hold the garbage bag well away from your body and to the side. I really doubt the bag would be heavier than 20kg so it should be doable for a grown man.
Is now doing the Ian Knot. Mind = blown, again.
A skirt.
In Australia we tend to gift foreigners boomerangs, opals, didgeridoos, kangaroo pelt rugs and merino fleece quilts. I'm sure America has something thats uniquely American-sourced. Maybe something like an alligator card holder?
The DR is doable with gloves, a scarf and a turtleneck. But on a cold snap you'll need a parka or long coat.
It looks better than the other motos precisely because it isn't too short.
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