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The first irate store owner to open fire with bean bag rounds will sober these kids up.
Paris is a disgusting hive of scum and villainy. London is where its at.
The kid who urinated into the water's mugshot just has an eminently punchable face.
This a tragedy resulting from the lack of accountability. Who's going to regulate international waters, the UN?
I hope that douche gets his ass kicked.
You would only ever run for office if you truly believed that you could change things for the better. Being a politician doesn't pay the bills as well as you think it would. So in a way its true.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Well made shoes will stand up to most things you throw at them. Cheap shoes will fall apart no matter where you wear them. I really don't see how a pair of Alden loafers will stand up to beach soccer/rugby and/or getting getting beer spilt all over them. I save my expensive shoes for the office.
You don't have the most basic of suits, the charcoal single breasted two button. Take it in sharkskin for something special.
American brands are exotic in Europe. Italian brands are exotic in America. Who woulda thought?
I still wear my brick red sperrys out to the beach and on picnics. Wearing expensive shoes to places where they can get trashed just doesn't make sense.
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