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No stated height, weight, sex or bodyfat percentage. If you were a ripped 200lb dude, I'd say you were going way under for protein and would lose muscle like sand through your fingers. If you were a chubby 130lb woman, I'd say you were going way over for carbs and should probably reduce caloric intake.
The man looks like an IT guy from silicon valley, probably the complete antithesis of steez if ever there was one. People seem to forget that just because a man is rich doesn't mean that he is always right.
Match your partner's level of formality. If she's wearing a cocktail dress, wear a suit. If she's wearing a ballgown, wear a tuxedo. If she's wearing jeans, you wear jeans too.
Black vneck tees - target red boat shoes - sperry's from epaulet suede/velvet black oxfords - Him Uomo in Guangzhou red ankle boots - some guy off Ebay
Before you know it, half the dudes at your local bar will be wearing those.
I don't know about you guys, but zipper flies have a knack for unzipping themselves in the worst circumstances.
If you want to fit in more with the locals, a shiny suit and lots of hair product.
Hey, tail is tail. Just be thankful you're getting any, and from a vaguely attractive girl at that.
Cocktail parties are that area where as long as you're wearing something recognisably suit-y you're in. A well done velvet blazer with a pair of waxed black jeans and ankle boots will be more appropriate than a boxy ill-fitted black suit and Kenneth Cole square toed rubber soled shoes. In terms of dress code, you'll usually see guys somewhere between smart casual and creative black tie, looking like you just got off work is not an option.
Had it done Tuesday, no ill effects at all. Then again, spending a year in old China when you're an infant does a lot to boost your immune system.
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