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@psydle Peter Nappi is quite well made. I have the Romeo model[one-piece cavallo(horse) derby]from their earlier production. Similar to Maurizio's one-piece derby with the double sole and a shorter heel block. Quality seems closer to IS/L&F.
Ok. Will let you know if I come across any.
@nahneun size 39? Btw, how tall are you?
Thanks for the info Psydle. I did that search though literally taking 'aqua' to mean water. This is the pic of the leather i referred to earlier, used by Fendi.
Anyone knows what 'Cervo Aquastag' leather actually is? All i could gather is Cervo=Deer. Google search brings up vintage Fendi bag made of this particular leather.
^keep it this way.
Talking about Layer-0, Alessio's blood red cordovan 5-hole were the best. Have yet to see a worn pic of his red python lace-ups boots made a few seasons back. Those were great. I am quite surprised no one here got them.
Whoever got the Layer-0 tall boots from twdawson hit me up.
I never got the hype either. Will take a pair of tornado boots over these anyday.
^It looks better WITH the metal bar.
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