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Are these horsehair lined derbies actually wearable all year round or just for colder periods?
@nicelynice You don't respond to PMs or something?
^^Who made the bone derbies?
@nicelynice Dropped you a PM. Please check.
Brand New with tags. Jacket in the stock picture is Grey. The piece i am selling is black. Please refer to actual pictures of the jacket which represents the item accurately. The usual details as found with Poeme Bohemien jackets. Great fabric blend of linen and cotton. See close-up of the buttons. The fabric has a natural crease like effect to it which were only seen in his shirts. Unlined. Quite versatile as it can be worn with the button up top closed. Payment is...
Thanks uzairh & doc.
Would it be right to say that his 5P style trousers made of cotton canvas is of similar material?
Is he the guy with the IG accnt - thirdofwaters?
When you are checking out. You will see a page asking for your card details etc. Below there is a box. Put the code there.Also, those who got the code, have you been buying regularly and is the code the same as the one posted?
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