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^you must the same guy on ebay with this id who does not respond to PMs.
^ Add a whale thong and you are set.
A pair of raw black cotton high waisted trousers from Y. Project featuring button fly fastening, a waistband with belt loops, two inset pockets to the sides and two back buttoned welt pockets. Tapered leg. 100% Crepe cotton. The tags are still attached. PM me for shipping and more info. Payment is Paypal. Last picture shows the fit pic.
Whoever got this hit me up if you want to pass it on.
Someday soon even at around 3.5k i see them being cleared off the rack just as quick. Can't see myself paying that much for a pair.
Those prices are getting obscene. 2.6k?
@kunk this.
@rfx nice jacket. Which was one it?
^looks clean and well made. What made you rank it a tier lower than the usual bunch?
Loving the rubber dipped bag.
New Posts  All Forums: