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^ you might haven been lucky with them. Afaik, friends of mine only had unpleasant things to say abt them. How did they handle the OOS issue?
Oh ok. Melon, what were your thoughts when you saw those?Btw, no disrespect whatsoever to those folks who went on to get them. I love Geller's work. The flight pants, denim jackets, older seasons' seconds are all great and i wear them ever so often. I had to be honest over those sneaks though.
Nothing much to say about these from Ervell. A few years back he collaborated with Dockers and a small run of these were produced. Nice hand to the cotton(has a medium weight cotton chamois feel). Button are coated-which is something different from the conventional buttons found in most chino. Inside seems like a fully tailored pants(look at pictures). Runs TTS. Made in Turkey. Retailed close to $245 USD. Size on tag is 32 x 34 Dark khaki chinos (100% cotton) Pleated...
You rather pass on these. Reminds me of those fugly Premiata sneakers. I know some here will be all over it just because it is Geller. Perhaps you might want to look into getting something else he has produced in terms of footwear if you want to keep it within RG.
Whats the appeal with those dande?
Ohh. The funnel neck jackets fit that way don't they?
@nicely Jacket looks fine actually. Why are you on the fence abt it?
^ The 10% is for Asia then. I just checked the account linked to it.
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