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Why offload all these buds?
Just saw some IG posts on what Simeone has come up with as of late. Is this guy really waiting up for Altieri to put out a particular design(footwear) to only follow-up with something similar? See the upper quarter of his lace-up boots that he posted a few days ago.
Why don't you all just wait it out and see instead of getting all speculative by stringing bits and pieces of info floating around.
@Jbravo The pair you got reminds me of the IS boots(gel coated)Yoko put out two years ago.
Great. Will i be able to communicate with the seller? An item i am looking at has a BIN price and I would like to make an offer. Is there a function within FJP that allows that? Zenmarket told me that they will not be able to do that citing their system to be incapable to facilitate that. LA guy mentioned in the proxy thread that Zen is OK for straight up matters. Looks like it.
Ballers, I am looking to get a few items from Japan using a proxy. Any recommendations? I need one where my offer could be communicated to the seller through messages. Unfortunately, Zenmarket does not provide this. Let me know whom you have used lately without any issues. I have Sutocorp in mind. Thanks.
Guys, which of these proxy providers do actually facilitate an offer negotiation for a particular item listed as BIN? In other words, I am looking at a particular item that is listed BIN but would like to make an offer. The seller is open to offers. A proxy I got in touch with on this matter told me that this is not possible as their site is not 'equipped' to allow this to be done.
^Spend big. No returns.
True. Those who have handled his pieces(including those from early 2000) will know what goes into making each one. I got a shirt listed here for sale which looks just like any ordinary crisp, white shirt one can get hold from a decent brand. It is only when you handle his clothing in person will you notice the difference.
You guys know about Geoffrey's work. This is one his earlier piece made for a special client. Completely handmade with neat details(see pics). Unworn and kept as bought. A trip to the dry-cleaner will get the creases/wrinkles off the shirt. Works for a 48/50. Price is firm. I will be more than happy to keep these. Low-ballers will be politely ignored. Measurements to follow. PM me for shipping.
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