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Looks great Alex. With wear it will look perfect.
One of Zam's standout piece from a seasons or two back. These were sold out quite fast and I was lucky to get hold of one after getting in touch with Zam himself. Tag reads size 52. Will fit a 50 perfect. Fabric is 97% cotton canvas with 3% elastane. The black side of the top is coated with some sort of resin to give it a waxy feel/appearance. I would say it is similar to the paraffin coated pants Lumen Et Umbra offered many seasons ago. These are unworn. Being new, the...
Knowing Simone..
Nothing new. YOOX cust svc is appalling.
Guys, a quick one for an eyeglass: Between Seraphin and Paul Smith, which should i go for in terms of quality?
Has anyone noticed the prices being marked-up prior to in a sale & discount code?
Yup. Looks great beaten up.
Good to see some love for Alessio's footwear. Imo, so far the blood reverse cordovan 5/6 eyelets lace-ups from him have been the most appealing. Saw a pair on IG that has aged well after 2 or so years of wear.
Why is Eton97 selling his Layer-0?
This shirt is exceptionally well made from an artisanal standpoint. The cotton is unlike any others i have seen in other 'dark' labels. It has a light, gauze like feel being cotton without any blend of other organic/synthetic fibers. Fabric was specially made for Issei. Fantastic seam construction throughout the shirt. The usual LeU buttons and sleeve construction with frayed edges along the collar and hemline. Tried on but it was too tight for my liking. Fits true to...
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