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Whoever got this hit me up if you want to pass it on.
Someday soon even at around 3.5k i see them being cleared off the rack just as quick. Can't see myself paying that much for a pair.
Those prices are getting obscene. 2.6k?
@kunk this.
@rfx nice jacket. Which was one it?
^looks clean and well made. What made you rank it a tier lower than the usual bunch?
Loving the rubber dipped bag.
@spacepope So it was you who jumped on those IE pants. Get us some fit pics man. @eck dude…15 months. damn. I would have by then forgotten my order. @fist 3 months sounds reasonable.
@Abraxis Since Nov? Wow. The wait for IE stuff is hitting Poell's lvl.
I was about to post this. Was this posted on IG?
New Posts  All Forums: