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Further reduced to $350 shipped in the USA...this is a great price on brand new EGs!
Reduced to $350 shipped in the USA.
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq Nice jacket. Curious, how does camelhair compare to cashmere with respect to warmth and durability? Sorry...can't really help you on this...although it is a reasonably heavy fabric so it should do pretty well on the warmth front. I've never owned a camelhair jacket so I can't speak to the durability.
More price reductions...$375 (or best reasonable offer) shipped in the US!
Further $400 shipped in the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Pantherella socks. I hate that brand. Socks from gap/jcrew last longer and look better in comparison. +1 on this...count me as underwhelmed with Pantherella's quality. I own a number of pairs of their wool OTC and their durability has left much to be desired (inferior to BB and Marcoliani).
PM sent on Stuart 40L jacket...
Bump for price reduction to $375 shipped in the USA. Come don't see brand new EGs for under $400 all that often!
I have 5 pairs of NWT socks for sale: 2 Brioni pairs of mid-calf socks, size L. These are 30% silk, 30% cashmere, 40% wool. One pair is light grey, the other is black. These are $15 each or $25 for the pair. 3 Ermenegildo Zegna pairs of mid calf socks, size L/12.5. These are 100% wool. One pair brown striped with a large diamond pane pattern, one is black with grey wave designs and one is charcoal with light grey lines. These are $10 each or $25 for all three.
Bump for further price reduction: now $425 shipped in the USA.
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