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PM sent.
I have a pair on the Modified Last that I often wear for walking around town in inclement weather (rain, light snow, post snow slush/puddles/salt, etc) and they perform great. I tend to Lexol them frequently when they are getting abused and they look none the worse for it. Regardless, enjoy them--they are awesome boots!
I have also used it in a pinch both on black and on brown edges. Personally, I've found that creams tend to work much better than polishes as the soles tend to really soak in the cream. Having said that, if you are looking for edge dressing I personally like the small bottles from AE--they offer very fine control and distribute the dressing very nicely. Plus they are a good price (~$5) to boot!
$310 now shipped in the US...let's move these out!
Now $300 shipped in the USA for this NWT Brioini...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff I don't assume there was some history with this jacket or something to be disclosed, no? All I see is a beautiful, spanking new, brioni lux coat for pennies on the dollar. is brand new with tags from a well known discounter. It is in mint condition and is desperately seeking a loving home.
Reduced again to $325 shipped in the USA...I know the recession is tough, but this is a killer deal on a gorgeous jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by hitokiri8 holy christ these are cheap. someone buy them. Agreed...they were cheap at $350, and they've now gotten cheaper at $325 shipped in the USA. Come on, someone take these off my hands!
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan +1 Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot ^^ I highly agree. Andrew is a pleasure to do business with. I'd like to echo that as well, having bought Minnis cloth from Andrew he is a world class seller and a true gentleman.
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