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Been on a big L'artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu kick as of late. I loved my samples, so I bought a bottle which I then hated, and now I'm totally smitten by it again. Hopefully it continues!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lendial I currently only use kiwi polish but would it be wise to swap to meltonian cream instead? I'm really more interested in prolonging shoe life rather than a shiny finish. or perhaps use both somehow? I use a mix of both Meltonian (or AE) cream and Kiwi wax...I tend to more or less alternate their use on any given pair of shoes. I've some shoes that have had this treatment are at least a decade old and have...
Agree 100% that the hair is a better look. As a 30 year old who is balding I'm seriously jealous--grow it out and enjoy it!
Quote: Originally Posted by GloryField Thanks! Where would I be able to buy Everlast Original 1910 Cologne? I googled and found scentiments, is that a good/reliable store? http://www.scentiments.com/Product/S...aspx?id=101198 Yes...I've used them and they are great. They are quite highly thought of on Basenotes (the styleforum of fragrance) as well. Buy with confidence.
AndrewRogers on here is selling suiting fabric from some great mills at a nice discount through the end of the month. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=123538 I've purchased from him in the past and I recommend him highly.
Gotta bump these gorgeous shoes...I'm not sure how I missed them when they were in the BBBF collection or I would've bought them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eagle Attended college on an AFROTC scholarship, picking up a degree in criminology and a Commission in the USAF in the process. After graduation, while waiting to go on active duty, I was offered a position as Chief of Police for a local town's, nine man police force. Entered active duty and served a bit more than 12 years, when I was presented with an opportunity to work in law enforcement on the civilian side of our...
Quote: Originally Posted by why4009 I need some clarification please. I have some shoes that I have neglected for a while and I want to get them ready to wear. I have seen some people recommend lexol and some have not. I understand that Lexol can darken shoes but I have mainly blacks and lexol has a product that supposedly does nto darken. To those that use lexol to condition your shoes, is this the lexol product you...
I have bought/sold a number of watches on Timezone which is more or less the Styleforum of watches catering to watch lovers. They have two boards similar to Styleforum's B&S which can be great resources: This is the board for watches < $5,000. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php...eadt&frm_id=32 Typically used watches sell on here for ~50% of retail as a rule of thumb, so you can get into some good deals.
I was a member in Boston with a corporate rate and I was paying around $90/month. It is now $110 a month, which is still on the absolute high end of the Boston market. I know that the club is at around 50% of their membership targets after being open for two years, so they are hurting. I will also second (or third, or fifth) the comments on them that their sales reps are awful. My girlfriend joined and got my rate since she knew to ask for it. She was a member for a...
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