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Quote: Originally Posted by echau Just put my Speedy on a Corvus Admiralty Grey NATO/G10: I've never seen this combination before (the solid grey NATO isn't all that common) but it looks VERY sharp. I never would've thought to put it together, but now I want a Speedy so I can put it on the same strap. Nice job!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Here's an old-fashioned rememdy that might work- a bit laborious: 1 part baking soda 1 part water 1 part peroxide use about 1/4 cup per shirt and brush it into the stain. Sit for about 1/2 hour then launder. I use this same forms a bit of a slurry that I rub into the stained areas with a stiff brush. I then let it sit and wash normally. It tends to do a pretty good job on whites,...
Thanks to strikezoom--great Polo pants and even better service. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Try Allen Edmonds either on eBay or some site that has them on sale. +1 I've picked up AE belts on ebay or at their outlets for under $50 apiece and have been nothing but pleased. I hate spending a lot on belts, and while I've had some luck at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross, I find that belts from there are a crapshoot whereas with AE I know I'm getting quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by petitnoblesse For $45 a great buy, except for a few cracks in the leather. I've had AE's recrafted and they turned out great, although the sole is in really good shape on these shoes, the insole needs to be replaced and the leather reconditioned. I think the shoes will be off to Alden soon to be worked on. I sometimes stand for long periods of time in my dress shoes so this modified last is a god send. Next time I'm standing...
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 I forget the name of the store (it's on 39th Street?), but these look like orthodics made on the modified last. Edit: Moulded Shoe +1. The shoes that Alden makes for Moulded Shoe say Conformal Shoe Company inside the heel. This is a modified last shoe--I have the same shoe except in a mid/light brown scotch grain leather. I don't think it is reindeer, rather scotch grain calf. Good pickup for $45...
One other fragrance that hasn't been mentioned that I own and wear frequently is Guerlain's Mandarine Basilic from their Aqua Allegoria series. It is, as its name implies, a very potent orange with a herbal/basil scent with good longevity. You should also consider it!
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana I think the Indy's toe is low enough where you can just use regular shoe trees. It's not bulbous like RW's so I don't think a boot tree with a more sloping crown would do that much more. +1 I simply use normal cedar shoe trees with good results.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe Folks, be careful with alcohol withdrawal. It can be very dangerous. When in doubt, taper down. +1 to this. I will also say that if you are a very heavy drinker and looking to stop you should definitely talk to your doctor--there are prescriptions available that can help immensely!
Been on a big L'artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu kick as of late. I loved my samples, so I bought a bottle which I then hated, and now I'm totally smitten by it again. Hopefully it continues!
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