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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Paging both BB1 and gdl203; I think this could be a decent thread, if only for the fact that there exists lines between watch aesthetics (MC watches, BB1?) and the clothes that you wear with them. (what kind of watches do goth ninjas wear?) I wear one of these (bought when I thought I was gonna wear some pseudo military aesthetic all the time ) It has been a good watch to wear everyday. I plan to buy some more...
As someone who has been sober for almost three years now if I have one more recommendation of an essentially non-alcoholic drink (I thought it was then found out it has a few drops, hence the caveat): club soda and bitters with a wedge of lime. Looks like a mixed drink, has an interesting flavor, usually gets free refils and tastes great. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe City Thinker In the hierarchy of men's dress shoes in terms of quality it goes as follows: Florshiem > Bostonian > J&M > Allen-Edmonds > Alden I'd just like to echo what everyone else here said. I own a pair of made in the USA J&M from the early 1990s and they are superior to my AE and roughly on par with my calfskin Aldens. Truly great shoes, and a shame what happened with their mainline...
I'll agree with everyone above that polishing your soles is crazy. Having said that, in winter I have two pairs of older and cheaper leather soled shoes that I tend to wear around on days that are less than ideal (a bit damp, etc) and they get exposed to salt/sand/other nastiness. On those shoes, I do tend to hit the soles with Lexol a few times in the winter, which seems to help, but YMMV.
Bump for price reduction. Coats from $80 to $60, and socks from $45 to $40. Feel free to make offers.
Bump for price reduction. Sport coats from $100 to $80. Socks from $50 to $45.
Hi there, As I'm moving I'm looking to move out some clothes before I go. First up are two sport coats (roughly each 40L, but check the measurements below) that Izzy at LS had H. Freeman make for me. They are both from Holland and Sherry fabrics, but since I've gone bespoke these are languishing in my closet, so I'm moving them out. They are in great shape, each worn probably 10-15 times. $60 each or $100 for the pair shipped in the US. First up is this...
Reduced from $140 to $125.
Bump for reduction from $160 to $140.
Bump for reduction from $180 to $160.
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