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Nothing. I might as well go out the way I came in.
Horns--I've been in the market for some linen sheets. Do you have any specific brands that you recommend? Thanks in advance!
I know I've seen some pics of well worn Darltons with an amazing patina--if anyone has them please post. My favorite pair of shoes (Alden tan calf longwings) have gone through two resoles and have never looked better in my opinion...
These definitely are not on the Modified Last. Good luck in your sale.
but...but...but...it is written by a Ph.D
+1 for sell. Even with a great tailor it'd be hard to get it perfect, and for someone your size those lapels will, in my opinion, always look a bit big. Would be a sweet coat for the right guy though!
Move on--you deserve better than this. If something or someone is really important, you might cancel on them once due to unforseen circumstances (shit happens) but twice in two dates is a trend, and you should want no part of this. Who is too tired after working until 6 to go on a date with someone they really like? I doubt anyone here would be... One other alternative is to string her along for a bit. I had one girl who flaked out on me three times in four or five...
I worked for a number of years at a top management consulting firm (one of MBB) and we recruited heavily at top undergrad schools and occasionally caught people in lies, but one story stood out. Right after having lunch, a good friend of mine (who was 6 months away from making Partner) was getting ready to resume his day of final round interviews for candidates. He had a minute before the woman arrived and was flipping through the candidate materials, which included...
For the first time in 20 days I don't have to work today
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